Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sketchbook Journal

I have started a sketchbook Journal.

I was at Chapters the other day when I came across this book about sketchbook Journaling. It had all these artist's journals in there. Basically its a sketchbook that you draw random things your thinking about or that you see. Its best to do if frequently so you will improve your drawing and more. It looked like soo much fun so I bought a set of three moleskin thin books. Turns out it is sooo much fun. Melissa is also doing one, and Josh will when he gets back from calgary. Here are my first pages so far.

I bought the cutest calendar today. Its of the classic Winnie the Pooh. Amazing.

School supply shopping is basically done. It was lots of fun buying it. Almost makes me excited to go back to school... almost.

At work today I got bored again and drew some quick sketches. It made the time pass super quickly.

My pencilcase is overflowing.