Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wow! It has been a while! So sorry to everyone. 

The animation program continues, and as always, I am loving it! Its a pretty epic class between the evil character designs, the epic battles and love affairs.. 

Anyways, I have designed a new character.  Her name - Le-toy-a (she is a toy haha).  In more detail she is a small stuffed mouse, with yarn for her hair/fingers/tail and buttons for the eyes.  She is setting out to rule the nursery with the help of her Legomen minions. A wind up toy rat is her enemy, who constantly tries to take over the nursery himself. 

Here are some drawings of her.  You may notice some of the earlier drawings of her look slightly different from the later, this is because her character evolved. 

Need to know information- her crown is actually a mood ring keychain she found. Her septor is a lollypop, and this lolly pop always matches the colour of her mood.

Different expressions - including seducing and the grinch face.

Character rotation.


My storyboard.  This is very rough thumbnails of a small section in the story. Basically what happens is she is standing on top of a wooden block surrounded by her minions.  She tells them she has gathered them to reveal her new plan.  She leans down and says, "the plan is.." (pauses for effect) then snaps up and yells, "TO TAKE OVER THE NURSERY!!" There is no reaction from the minions. She shifts her eyes right and left.  Then one minion whispers, "wasn't that the plan all along?"  She gets mad and her eye twitches. Then she smiles and stands up straight and calmly says, "separate him"  (because he is lego). He screams while the other minions drag him away to his doom, and a slow smile creeps up on Letoya's face. The End.

Here are some non-letoya related drawings.  These first ones were drawing people at the mall.  At the bottom of the page is drawings from Disney's Tangled I pasted for inspiration.

Random stuff.

Sorry again for the long wait. I have just been really busy and my scanner hasn't been working so I have had to go to Melissa's. 

Florida in nine days!!!!! AAAAAHHH! I can hardly believe it!