Monday, December 27, 2010

Centaurs and Magical Things

Every so often, I get so inspired, and excited to draw that I literally cant stop.  My pencil flies across the paper in swift movements, trying to capture what is in my mind.  I love these moments.  Nothing else matters in that moment, especially not the time. That is why I was up till two o'clock last night drawing these.  I started out watching fantasia (I love it so much), and I just kept drawing random things.  I was inspired by the Centaurs in Fantasia to draw these. The first one is me, the second - Ashley, and the third- Lauren.  I'm seeing them today and I promised them a drawing for Christmas, so it all worked out.

I started out copying some tangled drawings.

Then drawing whatever came to mind, while watching Fantasia.

Then drew this Centaur, which led to the ones at the top.

For Christmas, I drew Melissa a character from her book- Sawyer.

These were the possibilities before hand, and just getting practice in before the real one.

I shall post what I got for Christmas in my next post.  Along with some funny stories.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well finally Christmas Eve is upon us, and I could not be happier.  
(we are having ribs tonight)
Haha, no that is not why I am so happy, I just love Christmas!

I have a couple drawings to post including my Christmas card this year.
Creepy isn't it?

For the fun of it, I decided to draw my parents, on their wedding day.

Some more doodles..

(hopefully my new banner)

 My Disney pictures came in yesterday, but I will save those for my next post. 

I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Epic-ly Long Wait!

 Three days till Christmas!

I feel like a little kid, freaking out!  Just waiting for that moment to come where I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and run downstairs to open my stocking with my brothers.

We would sit and read our Archie Comics that we got every year.  Though we would have to sit there and practically die from waiting 2 and a half hours for my parents to take the longest walk ever down the stairs.  After that we had to wait even longer!!  My dad reads the story of Jesus's birth every Christmas morning.

This is basically what goes on in my head while he is reading..
Ugh! Why do we have to read this story every year?! I already know what happens. 

 Hear that dad? I already know, because you read it to us every year. *Looks under the tree and finds my biggest present* Thats the one I want. 

Only about a billion more hours until I can open it. *Looks at younger brother who seems to be struggling just as much.  Looks at older brother who seems to be really enjoying the story* It's almost done, it has got to be, I have been sitting here for hours, my flesh is melting away to a liquid... Hey! If it's liquid it can slither under the tree and get my presents, and rip them open. HAHAHAHHAHA! 

*Younger brother gives me a funny look for smiling so big.* 

Oops I have been caught, pretend to be normal. IS THIS STORY NOT OVER YET?! 

That continues till I'm on the breaking point and then the story is over and wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, we can open presents. 

Of course things are much different now, I do enjoy the story of how Jesus is born. I try to prolong the gift opening so it is not over in two seconds.  Funny how things change.

This year Melissa took a picture of my eye because you can see the Christmas tree in them.  Well more like the lights, but we thought it was pretty amazing at the time.

Here is the drawing I made for my dear friend Jillian!  I am Ariel and she is Meg so I drew this. Yes, I realize we look sort of evil, but why not?! It makes the drawing more interesting. Am I right? Yes I am!

I would love to hear your memories of Christmas when you were little! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Jolly By Golly!

I have been forced, by a malicious, vicious girl, who calls herself my best friend to put up this post about Christmas and all things Jolly. She cut me up and dripped my blood on to parchment paper to make candy! HAHAHA! Sorry I couldn't help myself. That is just an odd introduction to my next post. heh heh. 

Anywho, on with the blog. Here is a picture of my Christmas tree for you all. The picture quality is not grand but it does look nice, I promise.

My favorite holiday drink would have to be the peppermint hot chocolate that Melissa made. I dont have a picture of it, but Melissa does and it looks very yummy! My second favorite has got to be Eggnog and Rum! This is pretty exciting for me, because up till this year I did not like eggnog.  Then all of the sudden I do, whooopeeeee!

My favorite holiday treat, hmmm... not gingerbread cookies, those are yuck.  Nothing dark chocolatey.. umm.. Oh I know! Okay don't be shocked, this is not traditional, and technically I can have it all year.  It's Broccoli with Cheese!! I just love the creamy goodness, I could eat a bazillion pounds of it!! 

Finally my favorite holiday decoration would have to be Melissa and my gingerbread house! For the past two years we have made them, and let me tell you, they are EPIC! 

This year though, I wasn't really in my creative state so I spent so long spreading icing on the back of the house and making the demented reindeer (which is also a tradition). 

Oh I also helped with the roof, my side is the artsy looking one, heh heh! 

However, a horrific tragedy has occured!!! The poor poor gingerbread house, was terminated! It didn't even get to see a full day before he/she/it died! All thanks to Melissa's cat, who felt so inclined to rip it off the table!!!!  She may tell you that Mia (cat) is a dear little angel, DO NOT BELIEVE HER! 

Well, have a grand Christmas, and I shall post drawings soon!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas for a Cause

I have finally finished the Christmas For a Cause program! Not a moment too soon, the show is in two days, well I guess it's technically tomorrow, cause its after 12:00.

I got all the performers to do a pose and from that I drew them.

Then I put them all together to make this..

It will go on the front of the program, though it will unfortunately be black and white. They need to make a lot of copies though, so its understandable. 

I have been working on a bunch of other drawings, but I can't post them, for Christmas is not yet upon us.  Sad, I know. I have been taking pictures of them all so I can post them at the soonest date possible. Excited yet? I know I am. 

While looking through other peoples blogs today I came across this amazing video, that really touched me. It's a short animation, but wow is it powerful. I am going through something a little unpleasant at the moment, and this really helped me. I think I have watched it four times in the last half hour. So do yourself a favor and watch it. 

Thought of you - Ryan J Woodward

I feel very Inspired from watching this. 
I hope with hard work, I may be capable of touching hearts in this way.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Characters!

I couldn't resist.

I just had to sneak downstairs and grab "the book" so I could tell you all your birthday characters. It is just so exciting! ..unless you get a stupid fat fairy..

To Melissa- So you know how awesome your character is.
KEVIN!! (Up)

P.s. When you see this movie you will love her!

To Kristen-
Your birthday character is Gypsy (A Bugs Life)

You know how to dazzle others with your visual appearance.  You've learned the secrets of creating illusions, and you keep that information to yourself.  Intelligent and insightful, you aren't upset by the frenzied actions of others.  You perform your duties calmly and effortlessly.  Ingenious and brave, you apply your specialized talents to varied situations.  Your presence alone makes others shine.
Magical Gifts: Gypsy bestows the gifts of mystery, loyalty,and practicality.  She teaches you the transformational quality of artistic expression, especially through colour.
Keys to your Success: Keeping your fans coming back for more.

To anonymous (I dont know who you are haha)-
Your birthday character is Roz (Monsters Inc.)

You believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  You have formulated a method that allowed you to achieve considerable success, and you implement it with wit and precision.  Others aren't always privy to your personal life or past, but they can count on you to make wise and compassionate decisions that reflect your empathy and heart. 
Magical Gifts: Roz brings you the gifts of perception, mystery, an influence.  Call on her when you need to uncover the truth regarding a situation and thoughtfully conceal the facts.
Keys to your success: Holding every key to every door.

To Aspiring-
Your character is Mowgli (Jungle Book)

You feel at home in nature and have an exceptional bond with animals.  You prefer to do things your own way and at your pace.  With your magnetic personality, making friends comes easily; but your agreeable nature sometimes makes you too trusting.  Wise beyond your years, you have a lot to offer your family and community. Animals willingly befriend, nurture and protect you.
Magical Gifts: Mowgli bestows the gifts of confidence, playfulness and adaptability.  He teaches you how to create a home in many environments.
Keys to your success: Listening to advice and accepting when its time to move forward.

If anyone else wants to know their character, just comment on this post or the last.

In other news, I recently made a poster for a show a few of my friends are putting on called 
Christmas for a Cause
They are raising money for the homeless.  Its really a great show! 

I would love to put up some of the other drawings I have done, but I don't want to take chances with them seeing it. Sorry!