Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hate it when I do a drawing that I'm really excited about and I show it to someone who then proceeds to say, "oh yeah that kinda looks like them", Or "nice" but said without any hint of enthusiam. It just takes the excitement out of what you just did. That happened today with one of my drawings. It just makes me never want to show anyone my drawings.

I just don't want to be here anymore where I feel like an outcast. I'm not really but I don't enjoy what we do. I long to be in a class filled with students passionate about drawing.

I have done alot of drawings lately but just haven't put them up. Later tonight hopefully I will scan them. Lots of mermaids included in those.

Just three more months until I'm out of this he'll hole.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A picture from Christmas, Melissa made me the Christmas tree.



Ahh! My head is going to explode. It feels like my head is filled with a multitude of cottonballs. That is why I am home sick today. However, I do have work later. Yuck!

Here are some quick sketches I have done lately that I was too lazy or busy to put up. Some are repeats cause these are better quality.

These past two are the same picture but my scanner isn't big enough to get all of it.


This one doesn't look to great cause it was light and the page behind it shows through.

This last one looks exactly like one of my acting teachers no joke!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Honey Roasted

I am sitting in the back before work eating away at my frozen dinner and honey roasted almonds (which are really good). Today has been an exeptionally plesant day so far. I woke up at nine, ate some breakfast. Found some amazing blogs filled with multitudes of drawings, and drew some stuff myself. On my way to school (for my one class) I drew on my phone a picture of Ariel..

..and then started class. I really enjoyed it today because we had a different teacher come in. Then I got a ride to work and bought my almonds with some extra money I didn't know I had in my wallet. So today has been pretty good. Of course I now have to work but I'll be alone and it shall be quiet so I can draw.

Here are a few drawings I did a little while ago..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To my best friend-

This post is about my best friend in the whole world- Melissa. I just watched bride wars ( I know I've seen it millions of times). For those of you who don't know, Melissa and I are exactly like the two characters in this movie.

Anne Hathaway (Emma) - me, Ramona
Kate Hudson (Liv) - Melissa

Anyways, everytime I watch this movie I get really happy because our relationship is so close.

Melissa is really sick again right now, it really sucks. Melissa I hope you get better soon, and I love you sooo much.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogging from my phone

This is very exciting. I can now put up blogs on my phone. This means a number of things..

1. I will actually post on a regular basis
2. I have something to do while I'm dying of bordum in class
3. I can put up my drawings frequently by taking pictures of them with my phone
4. I can laugh at Melissa cause her phone blog is not working yet

Ofcourse my writing won't be as witty or entertaining as Melissa's but I have thoughts and pictures.

So over the Christmas break I watched Sherlock Holmes which is amazing! From that movie I realized that Jude Law is amazing. I also started reading the books and they are soo good. I just started the third one yesterday.

While I am at school I feel like the world is ending, but when I'm not at school everything is fine. I can't wait till the year is over, then I can finally start my animation career. I drew this on my phone over the break.