Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creating Characters with Personality

Today is great because...
Before I tault today (theatre) I went to chapters cause I had some extra time on my hands. I went to the drawing/art section because I always do that. I found the most AMAZING book ever. They have lots of drawing cartoon books at chapters, but either they are too simple or way too real life looking. This book; however, is perfect. Do you know why it is perfect? Because it was writen by a guy who worked at disney. As you can see I am very very excited.

This morning Melissa and I went to the gym. It seamed like less time, but it was more! Thats very exciting. I pushed harder today too. I even ran on the tredmill (thats nuts for me).

I have my second driving lesson tomorrow (hope it goes better than the last haha). I have read the book now (oopsies), which I did not do before. I cant wait to finally be able to drive.

Anyways, I will leave you now so I can start drawing :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am very pleased to announce I have passed my exam.. Finally! However, my teacher was still being a whore about it. However, I never have to think about her or that stupid class ever again. I can now play like a pro.. hahha not! I can; however, enjoy my summer without thinking about piano everyday. Haunting my dreams... Yeah it was pretty bad.
Anyways, so like I said I was going to do, I read Wizards First Rule on the way there. It just keeps getting more and more exciting. Its a super long book so thats a good factor to have. The print is tiny and there is 836 pages. That is also just the first book. So far there is 12 in total.
Crazy!! Anyways Im off to read.

piano exam.

It is the morning of my piano exam.. dun dun dun. I have been dreading this for forever because i have failed three times. Its only the triad section of it. I never understood it before, because nobody ever tault me. They just said, thats wrong you fail. URG! However, I have made sure this time that I know what I am doing and I am ready. I am so confident that I am writing it on here. Of course it would be very embarassing if I did fail again and had to write that on here after I have been so cocky.

No! I will pass. Ugh this morning I knew I needed to practice, to get it in my fingertips and such. However, the piano is in my brothers room and ofcourse he would not listen to how important it was for me to practice. Those of you who know him will understand this. Anyways, dispite his yelling for me to leave I did practice a bit.

To calm my nerves on the way to school I shall be reading Wizards First Rule. I was super tired last night after writing the short story (below), but I still wanted to read a bit. I exected to read a page and then fall asleep. However, so far the book is very captivating and held my interest for the entire chapter. I would have kept going for it woke me up a great deal, but I knew I needed sleep for today.

Well I shall let you all know what happens...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The story of a chick who was given no name.

So instead of reading, I decided to write a silly short story. Let me know how you all like it.

The Story of a Chick who was Given No Name

On a morning where the sun might rise, and birds may chirp. A morning where a rooster might crow, and the animals may awaken. A very unusual sort of thing took place. For way up high on a branch not to far from you and I there was an egg. Now there are plenty of eggs in trees nowadays, but this was no ordinary egg. Of course the outside looked about as normal as any egg you could imagine. For if it had looked any different, the mother would have had such a fright as to drop the egg out of the nest from the very start. If that were the case it would have made a good breakfast for some fortunate fox. However, this was not the case so the egg remained in the nest amongst the rest of the other eggs.

When hatching time arrived, the mother got very excited and made sure the nest had no hole in which her babies should fall out. One by one the eggs hatched. Tiny heads began poking out of the shells. The mother, being a robin could not have been happier, her heart filling with pride. Until that is, the last egg started to hatch. For fuzz of the wrong sort of colour started to come out of that egg. The mother looked with horror as a baby chick pecked its way out of the shell. Oh my word, thought the Robin. Now to you and I, this spectacle would not have been as big a shock as all that, after all birds are birds. But you must know Mrs. Redchest was very particular of the kind of bird that should come out of her eggs. How could this have happened, she thought. It couldn't have been that one night with the rooster... No that's not it. Well she would come to the bottom of this. But for now Mrs. Redchest would have to keep secret the fact that one of her babies was different.

The very next day earlier than any of us would care to awaken, the mother robin carried all her babies to the ground, including the misfit. She decided to talk to Mrs. Cluck, the mother hen. She was hoping to pawn off the chick on her. She positioned her children around the chick while they walked, as to hide it from busybodies looking on.

When she arrived at Mrs. Cluck's abode, Mrs. Redchest casually asked if she had noticed a smaller number of chicks then she had started out with. Mrs. Chicken was very put off by this, for she did not lose her eggs. Mrs. Robin apologized and quickly left.

Exhausted after asking every hen she knew, she returned home. Her children were sound asleep in an instant. Mrs. Redchest began thinking of a way to get rid of the chick, for any respectable robin does not run around with a baby chick amoungst their children. She must do something about it. Very quietly the Mrs. Redchest picked up the baby chick and flew out of the nest. She flew far and farther still till she reached a watering hole. She placed the baby chick down and was about to leave, when she heard,

"mother, where are you going?"

"You are a chicken and I am a Robin, therefore you do not belong with me. You must go forth into the world and beg a nice chicken family to take you in. There you shall be happy."

With that she flew off leaving the poor baby chick all on his own. Now you must understand that the Robin had no other choice then to leave it there. How would you like to have a different sort of child accompany you all day long while others looked at you with giggles behind their eyes. Why you'd be the laughing stalk of your neighbourhood. Anyways, the baby chick nestled itself in a pile of leaves and went to sleep.

The morning came and it just so happened that a fox should be sauntering along when the chick he did see. What a lovely breakfast he thought, as he walked over to the chick. With a fright the chick awakened and saw the teeth of the fox so near to his face.

"Dont eat me please!" Cried the chick

"and why not," Answered the fox, " I am very hungry and you would make a delicious breakfast."

"That is all very well and true," answered the chick, "but after I tell you my story, you will feel so sorry for me that your eyes will fill with tears, and you will spare my life."

"That is highly impossible my dear friend," chucked the fox, "for I have never cried in my life." However, the fox allowed him to proceed, for he loved a good story.

" Well you see," started the chick, "I was born into a family in which I looked unlike the rest. My mother did not like this and hid me from the world when we went for walks an outings. She tried to give me away, but could not find anyone. So last night she brought me here and told me I was to go in search of a chicken. I am to ask this hen to take me in as her own. So that is why Mr.fox I am out here all alone."

The fox's eyes indeed began to fill with tears, for he felt so sorry for the poor chick. "What is your name little chick?" The fox asked while wiping away his tears.

"Why, I was never given a name. My mother gave my brothers and sisters names like tommy, and Joanna. I would so like a name, even a plain one like bob would do nicely." Replied the chick.

"NO NAME?!? Exclaimed the fox, " of all the disgraceful things! You poor chick, I shall teach that mother of yours a lesson. And with that he bounded off.

The Fox searched far and wide until he found the Mother Robin he had been searching for. The baby robins were playing in the flowers, while the mother was relaxing her eyes. The fox went up to the mother Robin and asked in his most friendly voice. "Are you by chance Mrs. Redchest? "

"why yes I am." she replied.

"And did you by any chance leave a baby chick out in the middle of the woods all alone?" With this the Robin started to sweat and darted her eyes to and fro."

The fox knew she was lying for when Robins lie they cannot keep their eyes in one spot. "You must pay for what you have done Mrs. Robin. For leaving him and lying to me, you deserve to die."

The mother Robin had no reply to this, for the fox had gobbled her up. Feel not sorry for the baby robins who lost their mother. The fox felt sorry for them for having a mother so deranged that he took it upon himself to find another family for them. And they were not sad, for their mother was controlling and quite a bore.

The chick had also found a family. A nice Hen to be his mother. She took him in right away after hearing his sorrowful tale. Why she even gave him a name. Timothy to be exact.

So the moral of the story is if you even happen to give birth to a chick, do not leave him in the woods all alone, for you are sure to be eaten by a fox sooner or later.

Wizards First Rule

So I finished Pinnochio, which was sooo good. It was the same style of writing as Alice in Wonderland sort of. I still have melissas book of that and dont want to give it back :) haha. Pinnochio is a much more naughty boy in the book. He even kills the cricket (whos name is not Jimminy) right at the start. However, the cricket comes back as a ghost.

I started reading Northanger Abbey. It is good but I just started so nothing too exciting has happened yet.

Melissa just bought Wizards First Rule cause I kept saying I wanted it and that I am told its amazing. So she lent it to me cause she has a bunch of other books to read before (she is like me that way). So I think I am going to start reading it now. I know I have started Northanger Abbey but this one looks soo good. Maybe I will read both just switch off when I am in different moods or something. I dunno. I dont like doing this but I cant help it. ahhh!

Anyways Im off to read this "amazing" book. Lets see if it lives up to its potential. I shall keep you all posted.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My boredness has been cured!

So after I wrote that last blog, I called my mother and asked what she was doing. She said she was going out to eat so naturally I wanted to come. My brother came to and we ate at ikea. Yumm I had spaghetti. After eating I bought a frame (finally) for the sketch Josh gave me. For christmas he bought me this rough sketch by the DISNEY ANIMATORS! Also its of Ariel, so its amazing. Then I went to value village again (haha, cant get enough) and bought this three puzzle set of different Ariel pictures. I have a slight obsession I think. Anyways, I make the puzzles and then put them on my wall. BUUUTTT my favorite of the three was missing a peice (a tear trickles down cheek). Oh well, the other two are really good too. Here is a couple pictures for you. One of the disney sketch and the other is one of the puzzles.


Rescue me

I am bored.
After teaching theatre today, I felt like going out at doing something. However, there was nobody to go with and nowhere to go really. It is such a beautiful day out. you know those moods you get in where you want to do something but dont know what to do or cant do what you want to do. Well anyways, I watched The Rescuers. I tried to draw at the same time but nothing was really turning out right. I did a kitten and penny, but not worth scanning.
I am hungry.
I dont know what to eat! I want something good.
Someone please rescue me from my boredness/lazyness.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Value Village


So yesterday I, being the brilliant person that I am, said lets go to Value Village. Melissa, being the also brilliant person, looked for a different Value Village then we normally go to. We settled on one and went. What did we find when we arrived? The most amazing Value Village we have ever been to. There was sooo many books and movies! So I start searching, and came across sooo many amazing disney books. Here they are...

This book is called fantasyland, and it is filled with stories from the fantasyland section at disneyland. For example, sleeping beauty, pinnochio, snow white etc. Every page has an amazing concept art looking painting illustrating the book.

This book is the same as the Fantasyland one, except these are all the american stories. They have mostly real life ones, but also a couple cartoons like Lady and the Tramp.

This book I was super excited to find. For only 4 dollars, I got a book on how Snow White was made. Filled with concept art and facts. I think I sat there with my mouth open for a while.

Last but not least, I got this word find book. All the words have to do with disney movies. For less than a dollar and not been used, thats pretty good.

So other than those I also bought VHS's of The Rescuers, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Fantasia. Last week I had bought Fantasia 2000, Bambi, The Black Culdron, and Saludos Amigos.

I love Value Village. If anyone doesnt want any of their disney collectable things, please drop them off at a value village near me. :)

Finally they are here..

Dont worry I put them up, you can stop freaking out (cause I know you are)!

Im so SORRY to all my fans out there (ha-ha) for not posting these yesterday. I know, I know I said I would but I had to do other things. I do have somewhat of a life hah. Anyways, without further waiting, here they are.

So there they are. If you are really observant, you will see that lulubelle was done today. So that is your reward for waiting I guess haha.

Looking at disney stuff so much makes me wish my life was like a fairy tale. You meet a prince and a few days later your married. Hahaha no I wouldnt want that but I do like the happily ever after, and the part that the love always works out. None of this rejection junk. Buuut I guess life is not perfect.

I am really hoping that if I do take the animation course that sometime in the future I will work for disney. I know its a long shot but dreams come true right? The only thing is I have worked so hard doing musical theatre all my life and suddenly I am throwing it all away. I dont know, its just a big step but I guess I can still do shows and teach along the way right? All is not lost. After the animation course I will see if I still want to do that, right?

Anyways, I got all serious on you. Dont worry, Im not depressed, just pondering some things hah.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie, so naturally I watched the movie and took pictures from it. I mean who doesnt do that?

Arent they BEEEEAUTIFUL? I think so.

Well I just ate some chicken and pork and stuff. It was good. And Melissa just had to be sooo kind as to offer to help with the dishes! After we had already done them right before dinner. No its okay, I guess I still love her.

Speaking of food. Tomorrow, after going to the gym (and my dentist appt.) we will be going to get some sushi! Yummm.

So earlier I had already finished typing this stupid blog when I saved it and went to look at it, and guess what?!? It had been erased and not saved. So I have to type this alll out again. Of course its alot different cause I dont feel like writing the whole thing again.

Dr. Wendy is dumb! I dont feel like explaining it all over again cause it was in my blog entry that deleted. But she is!

And a special surprise to all my followers (all three of you).. Later on tonight (hopefully) I shall be putting up drawings I did earlier of ariel. Some are of the pictures I just put up in this entry.

Isnt that exciting?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Northanger Abbey

Here are some sketches I made last night, in my NEW HARDCOVER LARGE sketchbook. It took me all day to find, going from store to store. However, I did eventually find one at Micheals.

So as you can see that is a picture of Ariel (my favorite disney character) and a random cat I have made up. By the way I am trying to give her a name, if you have any suggestions that would help a great deal.

Description: Royal/upper class, white fur, snobby, graceful, sexy, beautiful.

Anyways moving on. I have had some of my very kind and loving friends point out to me that on my blog I wrote that I might be taking the animation course, and that is wrong, I AM taking the course. hahah. Now you have to finish your book hahha.

So I bought a book today at Black Bond Books (got it free with a couple stamp cards). Its called Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I have never heard of this book by her before, but it looks super good. Anyone read it? Anyways its by Jane Austen how bad can it really be. However, I cant read it right away because I have a list of books waiting to be read. Here is my list that I own and need to read..

The Adventures of Pinnochio (the book I am reading right now)

Son of a witch and Lion among men


Robin Hood (about half done)

Dorian gray (almost finished but got distracted and kept reading others)

All the Mary Poppins books (I technically dont own it but I will)


King Arthur

and ofcourse Northanger Abbey

So as you can see I still need to read quite a few books. However, I may cheat and read my new book after Pinnochio. Well I am planning on reading lots tonight hopefully. As long as I dont get too distracted by this blog (like the random ferret on my page, so fun!).

Soon I will put up some more of my past drawings as I promised Melissa I would do. It just takes soo long to scan them all and crop them, and then put them up on here. Hahha but it will happen cause I want to put up my balto one, and tweedle dee and tweedle dum, oh and dinah, oh and another ariel one. Hahah okay I shall stop now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

I have been trying to write little silly poem things. I have only done one so far.
(inspired by Alice in Wonderland)

Down, Down, Down she went
Through the hole and out she bent
Opened the door
Onto the Shore
Then into the arms of a dodo was sent

I just finished reading Alice In Wonderland. It was amazing. But I sometimes felt all weird after reading it, haha. Like life should not make sense or something. I love reading the books that disney movies came from. Right now I am on to The Adventures of Pinnochio. Its really good so far. Quite different than the disney version in some ways.

My own drawings.

Here are some of my own character drawings (with a couple of real disney thrown in)

I Love Sketching.

All of my life I have had a slight obsession with


It only got worse as I got older. My sketching/painting all started when my friend melissa and I (I love you!) went to walmart and bought paints. Well painting led to concept art painting and painting disney characters, and then that led to sketching disney characters. Now I cant stop! I love it so much I may want to alter my course of schooling. Well we shall see. My dream job would be to work at disney as an animation artist (crossing my fingers). So just yesterday I could draw my own characters!

I know that sounds weird..

No but honestly before I couldnt. I would try and try but nooooo, like looked like well.. poop! And then.. wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I could. However, I do need to work on them being in different positions then just standing there. Dont worry it will happen.

Anyways, enjoy these sketches (these are only a select few).