Monday, May 25, 2009

piano exam.

It is the morning of my piano exam.. dun dun dun. I have been dreading this for forever because i have failed three times. Its only the triad section of it. I never understood it before, because nobody ever tault me. They just said, thats wrong you fail. URG! However, I have made sure this time that I know what I am doing and I am ready. I am so confident that I am writing it on here. Of course it would be very embarassing if I did fail again and had to write that on here after I have been so cocky.

No! I will pass. Ugh this morning I knew I needed to practice, to get it in my fingertips and such. However, the piano is in my brothers room and ofcourse he would not listen to how important it was for me to practice. Those of you who know him will understand this. Anyways, dispite his yelling for me to leave I did practice a bit.

To calm my nerves on the way to school I shall be reading Wizards First Rule. I was super tired last night after writing the short story (below), but I still wanted to read a bit. I exected to read a page and then fall asleep. However, so far the book is very captivating and held my interest for the entire chapter. I would have kept going for it woke me up a great deal, but I knew I needed sleep for today.

Well I shall let you all know what happens...

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