Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wizards First Rule

So I finished Pinnochio, which was sooo good. It was the same style of writing as Alice in Wonderland sort of. I still have melissas book of that and dont want to give it back :) haha. Pinnochio is a much more naughty boy in the book. He even kills the cricket (whos name is not Jimminy) right at the start. However, the cricket comes back as a ghost.

I started reading Northanger Abbey. It is good but I just started so nothing too exciting has happened yet.

Melissa just bought Wizards First Rule cause I kept saying I wanted it and that I am told its amazing. So she lent it to me cause she has a bunch of other books to read before (she is like me that way). So I think I am going to start reading it now. I know I have started Northanger Abbey but this one looks soo good. Maybe I will read both just switch off when I am in different moods or something. I dunno. I dont like doing this but I cant help it. ahhh!

Anyways Im off to read this "amazing" book. Lets see if it lives up to its potential. I shall keep you all posted.

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