Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello all! I have not been drawing much lately, which is very sad. I would post the watercolour I made for Josh but I have not given it to him yet. Therefore, you all must wait. 

I do not have any drawings for you, buuut I do have pictures of me as Ariel for Halloween. I am being Ariel when she is wearing the blue dress (exploring the kingdom with Eric). I did not think I would be able to do that costume, but then I found the bodice piece at Value Village. The heavens basically opened and sang in perfect harmony. 

Anyway, here is some pre-party pictures, I will post more after.  I am hoping to take a lot of them.

So for those of you who said, "You're face does not look like Ariel".... Suck on this! BAM! For those of you who said it does, I love you!

Here is a picture of a pumpkin I carved with Melissa the other day..

Lots of pictures of me today, well you get one more.. 
This is my ULTRA-AMAZING-SCREAM TILL YOUR HEAD FALLS OFF-SUPER present from Melissa (early christmas present)

For those of you who do not know about the awesome-ness that is The Big Bang Theory, well you are missing out. Bazinga is Sheldon's way of saying "Gottcha". 

Hopefully I shall draw more lately, I have just gotten busy. I know that is no excuse... I'm sorry okay?!! 

Until next time, my friends.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Animals of different sorts.

Hello again! 
It feels like I have not posted in forever! Anyway, the theme of the week is


Specifically it was to draw two different animals, and draw each in two different positions. I did that for the bear, but then just wanted to draw a bunch of different animals. Here is what I have so far.. (I will watercolor the last two before the week is out.)

(please ignore the other head, my eraser sucked)

Don't really like this one, but its okay.

Any other exciting news?
Oh I saw the movie Catfish!! If you have not seen it, see it! It is amazing, and hilarious! Sometimes I laughed at inappropriate times, but that's just me. 

Other than that, I'm just working lots. bleh. 

Still taking requests for drawings. It may take me a bit but I will most likely do them. (like the dragon from sleeping beauty) 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted to do another one of the characters I would love to be. This time I chose...

(Fox and the Hound)

I am absolutely in love with her. She is adorable! I wish Disney would smarten up and make merchandise for small characters, like her for example. Sadly, this is a very rare occurrence.

If anyone has any ideas for the theme of the week, please let me know, and perhaps it will be chosen. Then not only will you be able to see my version, but you will also see Simon, Karly, and Kevin's. 

Note to everyone -
 if anyone would like to join the theme of the week posting, please let me know! We would love to have more people jumping on the wagon here! Maybe eventually we will create a blog that everyone can post on. Cross my fingers. 

If I were a character I would be...

The new theme this week is,
If I were a character I would be..

These characters include movies, tv shows, books etc. 
so the character I chose is..
(from Beauty and the Beast)

This is because she is super cute, and sexy.  When she is turned into an object she comes a feather duster, which is practically the cutest object you could be. On top of this she gets the suave Lumière. My favorite scenes with her include the one where Lumière and Babette are behind the curtain, and she says, "Oh no, no no no no! I've been burnt by you before!" If you don't remember that scene or have not seen the movie, you are missing out!

Here is my sketch and watercolor of her as a human.

I also have other characters I would very much like to be, and surprise, they are all Disney. The other three are Ariel (of course),Vixie (girl fox in The Fox and the Hound), and Faline (from Bambi). OH, and Figaro (Pinnochio), aaand the girl bear from Brother Bear (at the Salmon Rush). Hmm.. I guess thats more than 3, oh well!

I'm hoping to do at least one other one this week, we shall see. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Drawing!


I missed it! I really did. I went to the drop in life drawing class at Cap tonight, and it was soo fun. My first drawings were not good. I got a little down trodden (I dont care if I that is wrongly spelled.. Melissa) because for a bit it seemed as though they were getting worse and worse. Plus you have all these full time students around you, that are amazing! However, when we changed to five minute drawings, things started to look up. 

Here is the progression of first to last-

There you have it. I had such a fun time, that I think I shall return every week! Also we met some people and they were really nice.

The Joy of Painting

I have re-discovered my love of watercolor. It may not be as relaxing as say The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. With the gentle strokes here and putting a little tree in, just like that. In fact, I tend to get a little carried away, mixing the colours really quickly. However, I do find it peaceful to a certain extent. 

It also gives my sketchbooks that splash of colour it longs for. 

Anyway, I tried to do all of the suggestions that everyone asked for. Some are not complete yet, but come on! It's only the next day. I am pretty proud of myself for doing it so quickly.

Simon, I shall start work on the dragon from Sleeping Beauty soon.  Hopefully it will turn out well.

The Tramp in sketch and watercolor.

Phil from Hercules, 
think I am going to leave this one as just a sketch.

 The brilliant and hilarious Mushu.

Started drawing the recess gang,
 not sure if I want to do the rest of the characters or not.
I will colour them though.

The sketches of these were done at work today. I know SHAME! However, I was bored, the store was empty, and my sketchbook was beckoning me to come and fill her virgin white pages.  Sorry, did I creep you out there? Heh Heh.

What shall the next theme of the week be? I have a couple ideas... 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love and bears.

I did some watercolor drawings tonight, which got me in a great mood.  Not sure if I'm finished for the night or not yet. I miss my watercolors. Note to self - watercolor more! 

If you are not familiar with all that is Disney, the top picture is of Bongo and his girlfriend Lulu Belle. They are super cute. Bongo is a short film Disney made. It is in the movie Melody time. 

Also of course, the next drawing is Winnie the Pooh. I just can't get enough of that little guy! 

In other exciting news! One of my friends Josh, gave this to me yesterday because he thought I would appreciate it more than him. Yes, I did freak out. I believe tears came to my eyes as I laughed hysterically.

Josh, I love you! 

I now present The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame -

The case it comes in, yes that is gold!

The cover of the book! Gorgeous..

Autographed inside!!!

It comes with a cell from the movie!

So as you can see I am extremely happy! Oh and did I mention they only made 500 of these books? 

Sorry about that I shall attempt to calm myself. 

Also if anyone would like to suggest a specific Disney character to watercolor please feel free. That would be fun. As long as its not crazy complicated.