Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love and bears.

I did some watercolor drawings tonight, which got me in a great mood.  Not sure if I'm finished for the night or not yet. I miss my watercolors. Note to self - watercolor more! 

If you are not familiar with all that is Disney, the top picture is of Bongo and his girlfriend Lulu Belle. They are super cute. Bongo is a short film Disney made. It is in the movie Melody time. 

Also of course, the next drawing is Winnie the Pooh. I just can't get enough of that little guy! 

In other exciting news! One of my friends Josh, gave this to me yesterday because he thought I would appreciate it more than him. Yes, I did freak out. I believe tears came to my eyes as I laughed hysterically.

Josh, I love you! 

I now present The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame -

The case it comes in, yes that is gold!

The cover of the book! Gorgeous..

Autographed inside!!!

It comes with a cell from the movie!

So as you can see I am extremely happy! Oh and did I mention they only made 500 of these books? 

Sorry about that I shall attempt to calm myself. 

Also if anyone would like to suggest a specific Disney character to watercolor please feel free. That would be fun. As long as its not crazy complicated.


  1. When Josh gave you the book you were so happy. The weirdest thing though was that you started walking backwards up the stairs, like you were a thief or something. It was so funny. really cute drawings you really should water color more. My mom says you should watercolor tramp. And I say you should do mooshoe! I don't care that that isn't how you spell it.

  2. Mushu. YOUR SO WELCOME!!!! Just your reaction alone proved my point!! I totally forgot about some of the stuff in the book so I'm sitting here going ooooooo aaaaaaaahhh!
    Who would I like to see? WHO would I like to see? Who would I LIKE to see??
    Other than Lilo and Stitch I would like to see some Disney Channel characters.
    Like ones from Reccess or The Weekenders!!!

  3. CRAZY COMPLICATED DISNEY CHARACTERS, ALL OF THEM. Do the dragon from Sleeping Beauty.