Thursday, October 14, 2010

Animals of different sorts.

Hello again! 
It feels like I have not posted in forever! Anyway, the theme of the week is


Specifically it was to draw two different animals, and draw each in two different positions. I did that for the bear, but then just wanted to draw a bunch of different animals. Here is what I have so far.. (I will watercolor the last two before the week is out.)

(please ignore the other head, my eraser sucked)

Don't really like this one, but its okay.

Any other exciting news?
Oh I saw the movie Catfish!! If you have not seen it, see it! It is amazing, and hilarious! Sometimes I laughed at inappropriate times, but that's just me. 

Other than that, I'm just working lots. bleh. 

Still taking requests for drawings. It may take me a bit but I will most likely do them. (like the dragon from sleeping beauty) 


  1. Omg my page loaded on the angry bear and it freaked me out! It looks great and I think your drawing really captured the emotion and feel of it. It's gorgeous! And even with te second head your giraffe looks very alive. The octopus is great too.

    Love them! I'm excited to see catfish!

  2. MONA!!! Your such a poop! You said i wasn't following Simon's blog when I said I thought I was while trying to see if I was on his follow list from across the room (you know I gots me some bad eyes!!!).
    Anyways I already puked my compliments all over you in person, but my favourite is the octopussss!

  3. I really like the roaring bear, nice job. I didn't get a chance to do this week's Theme yet for my blog, because I've been so busy animating the next FtM cartoon, but I still want to. It's never too late, right?!

    I look forward to seeing the watercolor octopus.

  4. This girl is the best artist I know. She wow's my mind everytime I see a drawing, and i've see alot of them! hope she never stops doing what she does. She's truely geat :) <3