Monday, October 4, 2010

The Joy of Painting

I have re-discovered my love of watercolor. It may not be as relaxing as say The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. With the gentle strokes here and putting a little tree in, just like that. In fact, I tend to get a little carried away, mixing the colours really quickly. However, I do find it peaceful to a certain extent. 

It also gives my sketchbooks that splash of colour it longs for. 

Anyway, I tried to do all of the suggestions that everyone asked for. Some are not complete yet, but come on! It's only the next day. I am pretty proud of myself for doing it so quickly.

Simon, I shall start work on the dragon from Sleeping Beauty soon.  Hopefully it will turn out well.

The Tramp in sketch and watercolor.

Phil from Hercules, 
think I am going to leave this one as just a sketch.

 The brilliant and hilarious Mushu.

Started drawing the recess gang,
 not sure if I want to do the rest of the characters or not.
I will colour them though.

The sketches of these were done at work today. I know SHAME! However, I was bored, the store was empty, and my sketchbook was beckoning me to come and fill her virgin white pages.  Sorry, did I creep you out there? Heh Heh.

What shall the next theme of the week be? I have a couple ideas... 


  1. These are really great! I love Mushu and OH MY GOD! You're planning on doing Maleficent as a dragon? Why the hell didn't I think of that! Damnit. I had to go for the funny dragon... not the evil one. SIgh. At least someone thought of it.

    I'll show my mom tramp when I get home. Also. Mushu rocks. Seriously. ANd PHIL. OhMGEE. He looks fantastic. I'm glad you're not coloring him. He's perfect already.

    Haha. Recess. ANd also... fill her virgin white pages? Someone needs to be commited

  2. I absolutely LOVE Mushu! And despite your rant, I also think you did an excellent job with Gretchen and TJ!