Monday, December 21, 2009

why does life hate me?

Nothing is going right today! I wanted to start my adventure book but the printer ran out of black ink so all the pictures are pink. So I couldnt work on that. Then, I was going to make a movie with my edmonton videos but I cant find any of the videos on my computer. Arg! I cant draw cause I dont have a sketchbook journal (I have to wait for that). Why is life sooo difficult?AANNNNDDD now melissa is leaving me!!!!! And bringing her cat with her. I have nothing left in life. hahha just kidding. but I dont know what to dooooooo. help please.

I drew these for peoples christmas cards yesterday/ the day before.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas for a Cause

Christmas for a Cause is a show a few people I know are putting on to raise money for the needy. Im not really sure what organization its going to, but one that needs the money. Anyways for the past couple years it has gone on and has been a big hit. They do a bunch of christmas songs, whether it be funny, sentimental or just plain silly. However, this year Amanda asked me to draw the cover for their program. Ofcourse I was thrilled to do that. I decided to make everyone cartoon characters. Anywhoo, this is basically the finished product.

I know I have not been on here for quite some time. I have been drawing but not as much usual because of school. Also I finished my sketchbook journal and I dont have another one yet. However, I think I will ask for some more for christmas. I want to go back to the same one as I started out with. My second one was good because of the watercolor paper, but it was much to small.

Melissa is over at the moment and is making the greatest card ever! I wish it was for me but no such luck. pshh! maybe she will put a picture of it up on her blog after giving it to the lucky bastard! hahah oops, did that slip out?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

animation open house

Yesterday was the animation open house at my school. I went and brought my drawings, and it was good. However, I dont think I am ready for the course cause I have had no training at all. So, I think I will do the summer program first. That way I can have worked out all the basics, and get more out of the program. Wait a year to apply so I can work and pay off the musical theatre schooling. For some reason though, thinking of taking a year off freaks me out. Maybe I feel like I will have nothing to do or something. Who knows, but maybe the idea will grow on me. It seams like the most logical.
Anyways, I did these drawings after going to the open house yesterday. I was talking to one of the instructors, and he was talking about how using blue pencil allows for more mistakes. So I did.

I cant wait for this evening. Going to Melissa's to watch The Proposal with her and her mom. I love that movie. I saw it three times in theatres haha. Bonus! We are also having ribs... Yummm! Her mom makes them really well, basically everything she cooks is really good so yeah.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Current Sketchbook Journal

Some sketches from my current sketchbook journal. I dont like the layout of it as much. Will finish it so I can buy a sketchbook like my other one.

Monday, November 2, 2009

mid-term show

I thought my mid-term show was going to suck like nothing else. I had a huge headache that day and was so tired. But I had to go and perform my substitution song. In this unit at school each person goes up and sings a song, just like every other review show, but this time Kevin (our singing instructor) throws things at you that you have to go with. During the class workshop of this I hated it. I was sooo frustrated and in tears basically the whole time. Trying to sing through it. Ugh! However, the show went really well. I felt like I overcame the song.

After melissa has been taken over with the Swine for the past billion years, she is now able to be in public, and is on her way here as I type this. She even is taping gossip girl to come and watch 8 simple rules, and what I like about you, with me. YAY!

My Halloween was pretty good. I dressed up in the morning to teach my musical theatre class. I didnt really have a costume or anything so I quickly googled "simple, easy halloween costumes" the morning of, and decided to be SUPER NERD! A super hero who's powers are her nerdyness. Well the kids enjoyed it anyways, haha. Later on, in the evening, I went to Joey tomatoes with my family, where my brother proceeded to eat his leftover lunch while waiting for our dinner to arrive. Really? I mean, you just don't do that! At a restaurant, no less! Well those of you who know my brother know he's not one to follow what everyone else is doing. Anyways, we rented a movie called "The Stone of Destiny" starring Charlie Cox! He is beautiful and his accent is amazing. It is based on a true story and its pretty funny. Hmm, maybe I can convince Melissa to watch it tonight.

So Im very excited for the animation open house this weekend. But I have to go after teaching, hopefully I wont miss anything.

I guess I should stop writing now and do stupid homework. barf!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I did these drawings as soon as I arrived home from school today. I had an early day due to dance practicum practice. So I got out at 2:30, yay! I decided to drop by the animation office to find out more information about the portfolio. I was talking to the head lady and she printed out a sheet that had all the information about what they are looking for. There is also an open house for it next month. Very exciting. Anyways, I thought I should go home and practice my characters.
I cant wait for christmas vacation! I know its really early for that, but just think about it. Three weeks of no school, warm fire places, sitting on the couch and reading. It will be amazing. Not to mention no school! Oh did I mention that already? hah.
I will continue to add new drawings daily.. hopefully.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my old sketchbook journal.

I have realized that I have not put up any of my drawings for quite some time. This is a problem if I want more followers. Therefore, I have decided to put up some of my drawings.
These drawings are from my old sketchbook journal I completed at the beginning of september. Here are a few samples. I am working on my next one, but it bugs me cause its soo small. Buuut, I made it a rule to finish all my sketchbooks before I start another.

So recently I have been very frustrated with school. I had a masterclass that I was not at all happy about. I just dont get excited for anything anymore. Surprisingly the most enjoyable classes are dance at the moment. Today wasnt bad, I left in a good mood and really enjoyed working on the dance practicum.

Melissa- I'm so sorry your sick. I love you so much, and hope you feel better. You can always email me when your bored. I will respond as soon as I can.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

School again!

I know I have not updated in sooo long. However, I tried to change the look of my blog and I didn't like it. So I just stopped writing. And, I know Melissa and Josh, you both told me to change it back. So I almost did. It is slightly different though.

Umm I am back at school. My last year of the musical theatre program. We are working on a play right now called Ana Karenina. I am a little boy named Seriozha (Ana's son), a dumb pesant haha, and a member of Betsy's possey. It's alot of fun. In fact, we just had a six hour rehearsal today for it. I thought I would be exhausted afterwards, but I am not. I got a bunch of homework done and read some of my Walt Disney Biography book (amazing by the way).

Next year I will hopefully be starting the animation program. That would be amazing. I've finished my sketchbook that I wrote about in my last entry. I've started a new one. I am not drawing in it as quickly because of school and work but it's coming along.

So this summer I went to Edmonton (with Melissa), Jordan's Wedding, and Galiano Island (with Melissa and her mom). The summer was pretty awesome. Seeing Janice (my cousin)! yup.

umm what else to tell? I'm watching The Truman Show on tv right now. I heard about it before but have never seen it. It's crazy how can anyone be that mean? Poor guy!

So this year I am directing disney's Aladdin with the Lindbjerg Academy. I am super super excited. So everyone should come see it in June I think it is.

Anyways, I'm hungry and want to watch the rest of the movie.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sketchbook Journal

I have started a sketchbook Journal.

I was at Chapters the other day when I came across this book about sketchbook Journaling. It had all these artist's journals in there. Basically its a sketchbook that you draw random things your thinking about or that you see. Its best to do if frequently so you will improve your drawing and more. It looked like soo much fun so I bought a set of three moleskin thin books. Turns out it is sooo much fun. Melissa is also doing one, and Josh will when he gets back from calgary. Here are my first pages so far.

I bought the cutest calendar today. Its of the classic Winnie the Pooh. Amazing.

School supply shopping is basically done. It was lots of fun buying it. Almost makes me excited to go back to school... almost.

At work today I got bored again and drew some quick sketches. It made the time pass super quickly.

My pencilcase is overflowing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from Edmonton!

Im back from Edmonton! It was super fun. Melissa and I stayed with my cousin Janice, who is amazing by the way. We watched this video of saturday night live. The funniest thing I have ever seen.
umm.. some highlights.

Tubing - we went tubing on the lake with my uncle. Melissa kept flipping off the tube (halarious). She was getting super cocky doing the YMCA and stuff so we tried to flip her off. I held on tight as to not allow them a victory. However, at one point I wanted to fall off so I stretch back as to slip off. I did slip off, but somehow continued skimming on top of the water without the tube. IT WAS NUTS!
Campfire - we had two campfires while we were there. I was sooo happy. Melissa decided to eat marshmellows till she was sick the second time.

Movies/Big Brother - Almost everynight Melissa, Jan, and I would watch movies. We saw The Ugly Truth, with was really funny. We also got hooked on Big Brother (hot Jeff)
Shopping - we went to many stores, which was fun. Melissa bought 9 books total. haha including one called Melissa. It sounds like her life story too. haha. I bought my second book in the Sword of Truth series, and a new planner for this year.

Jan - the biggest highlight of going to edmonton was seeing Jan. Thank you for letting us stay with you we had so much fun.

There is alot more, but I dont feel like typing it all.

And some Lowlights...

Dairy Queen - the blizzards they gave us, did not meet the standard commercial thickness. They were like soup. So I put it in the freezer for a whole day and still it was runny. that was a waste of 4 dollars.

Unhelpful Helpful People - This lady was trying to help us when we were lost, but she took 9 million years to write the directions for us. No joke. She tried to draw us a map that made no sense at all. Her written directions were noo better.

Insanely Hot Sun - On the way back the sun was sooo hot. We were beyond sweaty by the time we got home. It was like a rainforest in the car.

Overall it was a really fun trip.

Here is some drawings/watercolour I did recently.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sponsored child

A few months ago I decided to sponsor a child. I got this super cute romanian boy whos about 7. Last week he sent me a letter in the mail. It was so cute. He also had a picture to go with it. So I decided to write him back and draw him a picture of a lion. Hes a boy im sure he would like that more than some disney princess hhaha.

These next drawings are ones I did last week, I think. I cant remember.

I came across these pictures that I did a while ago at work. Just thought I would put them up. I get bored at work alot, so I draw.

12 more days till edmonton! Im super excited! I get to see a bunch of my relatives, and Melissas.

I have about 2 and a half hours till I leave for work, ARG! I dont want to work today. Hopefully Im working with someone good. That would make it less boring. For the past I dont know how many shifts, I have been working with my Manager. Not that I dont like her, I do, but I always have to be doing something. haha. Whatever, I shouldnt complain. At least I have work, right?
Today I bought two books online. Volume one and two of the Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes. It is filled with notes, drawings and lectures from Walt Stanchfield. An amazing Disney Animator. I am super excited but have to wait a while for it to come. Oh well.