Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sponsored child

A few months ago I decided to sponsor a child. I got this super cute romanian boy whos about 7. Last week he sent me a letter in the mail. It was so cute. He also had a picture to go with it. So I decided to write him back and draw him a picture of a lion. Hes a boy im sure he would like that more than some disney princess hhaha.

These next drawings are ones I did last week, I think. I cant remember.

I came across these pictures that I did a while ago at work. Just thought I would put them up. I get bored at work alot, so I draw.

12 more days till edmonton! Im super excited! I get to see a bunch of my relatives, and Melissas.

I have about 2 and a half hours till I leave for work, ARG! I dont want to work today. Hopefully Im working with someone good. That would make it less boring. For the past I dont know how many shifts, I have been working with my Manager. Not that I dont like her, I do, but I always have to be doing something. haha. Whatever, I shouldnt complain. At least I have work, right?
Today I bought two books online. Volume one and two of the Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes. It is filled with notes, drawings and lectures from Walt Stanchfield. An amazing Disney Animator. I am super excited but have to wait a while for it to come. Oh well.

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  1. The third drawing. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW RUDE!
    What picture are you going to send the boy? Good thing he's cute because if he was ugly you'd just stop giving him money.