Monday, June 22, 2009

The Secret of Nihm

I officially have my iphone!

I got it on the first day that it came out. I went in at about 9 and there was no line up haha. I did not have to shove past all these people. There was only one white one and it was put aside for me :), its great to have connections. Anyways, I loooove it! my whole life is on there already. I cant get off it sometimes haha. I have about 80 applications on there haha, I came prepared.

So last week I saw Away We Go (John Krasinski) and Easy Virtue (Ben Barnes, Colin Firth) with Jen. They were both amazing! Away We Go was halarious with John Krasinski. Easy Virtue was funny as well and Ben was soo cute! That day we went to this Asian dollar store between the two movies cause it was at Tinsletown. I got watercolours and some office supply stuff. It was great.

Bugsy Mologne is officially over! Yesterday was the last day. Now Wizard of Oz with the little kids goes up. I will miss the kids. They really grow on you. Especially during show time cause you can really talk to them and get to know them without the pressure of making the show perfect. However, the show is over so time to relax.
Today I went to Walmart and guess what movie I saw there for 7 dollars?!? The Secret of Nihm. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was younger. I loved it. I couldnt remember what it was about but I knew it was good. I bought it and watched it like an hour ago. It was really good. I totally forgot the story of it though.

I also bought some watercolours cause lately I have been into doing watercolour drawings. I bought a book for it recently too. Here are a few of my watercolour drawings.

This one I made for my dad for fathers day (its his card). Its of my dad and brother chris when we were at Disneyland years ago. Hahah I think its kinda funny.

A special message to my best friend Melissa who I have not seen much at all lately. I really miss you and love you. Please get better.. She is coming over in like 15 minutes to watch The Secret of Nihm, thank goodness.

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  1. Nice watercolour paintings!!!!!
    Last time I watched secret of Nimh I thought it was kinda freaky and scary - but I can't remember why...