Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Paint!

Chalkboard paint (for those of you who do not know) is an amazing invention. Whatever surface you paint with this magical paint becomes a chalkboard! I have been looking everywhere for a chalkboard to put on my wall so i can write memos or whatever. All this time I did not know that this amazing substance called chalkboard paint exsisted.

So I bought it! I went up to my room to look at what or where I could use this paint. Them BAM! It hit me. I bought this white board from Ikea a while back, and covered it with heart sticky notes and pictures. I didnt really like it anymore so I took everything off it. The surface looked kinda ugly, soooo.... I put chalkboard paint on it. I have to wait like four days till I can use it though. Ugh! How will I ever wait? But it will be really cool when I can.

I also bought a bathing suit top from Walmart yesterday. It is actually sooo cute. And for only 7 dollars! Crazy hey?

So my relatives are coming over tomorrow I think it is. My grandma is staying here till tuesday, and my cousin and his family are saying somewhere else but are visiting. Then My uncle and his wife (hes re-married so she isnt my aunt) are staying for a few days as well. Its going to be a crazy house for a while. However, as much fun as relatives are, my grandma will be staying in my room. So I have to stay in my brothers room for a while. Its fine, but then if I want to get anything from my room after nine I have to sneak in so I wont wake her up. Oh well Im sure I will have many stories to tell after they all leave haha.

So last night I did a couple drawings. I did more than these two, but they arnt worth putting up haha. The fox one looks kinda weird cause the paper is thin and wrinkly, but you get the picture.

This moring I woke up and felt weird and empty inside, so I read my bible for a while and decided to go on a walk. I brought along my sketch book and stuff so I could draw outside. I really enjoyed it. I did a couple drawings outside, then came home and sat on my balcony and drew. I read the criteria for the portfolio (animation program I want to go into after theatre is done) I need to submit, and it says you must submit at least a couple real life drawings. Uh oh! No its okay. I havent really done much real life but I understand why they want you too. So a couple of these drawings are slightly realistic. More the eagle than the others. Well enjoy and tell me what you think.

Exactly 8 more days until the new iphone comes out!! I cant wait. I will be like one of those obessed freaks waiting outside the mall till it opens, then booking it inside. Hey If I have to I will. If I dont get it right away I may have to wait for a loong time till they get more in. I want to have it for the bugsy show because it will be so much easier to have my email with me. Also my schedule and notices will all be on that too. :)


  1. You are so talented. I am jealous! Lets hang out. :)

  2. oh PS - chalkboard paint ROCKS MY WORLD

  3. I am undeniably pleased that you have finally moved on from that whiteboard with heart stickys all over it - how many times have i told you to remove it? I've lost count.

    Ramona, you just keep getting better at drawing, theres absolutely no doubgt in my mind you will be a disney animator, youre superb. PS. I adore the fox, and when I looked at it, all I could think was 'thats Sawyer'theres something in the expression that is so - him.

    The guy is awesome, I love his whole demeanor and countenance.

    WOW. all i can say is wow, im amazed at your slightly more realistic drawings, you captured the animals character, I mean their practically oozing with believability - if that makes sense.

    You amaze me. Honestly. Truly.

    I hope you feel less empty and I miss you more than I can possibly express, im so glad im seeing you tomo, i just hope i feel better.

  4. Honestly? HOW? You've improved SOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking much in what? A week?!!!! How do you do that Ramona!?? There is DEFINITELY talent brewing in you and I'm SO pleased that your MY friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Your so good!
    2. Your going for your dreams!
    3. Your gonna look ultra chic with your new phone and drawing degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!