Monday, May 31, 2010


First off I would like to apologize for not putting up the first comic on friday. I was busy this whole week with Aladdin and Relatives visiting. Hopefully we will put up two this week.

Aladdin went really well. I am really proud of the kids. I thought I would make cards for them of the Aladdin Characters. I will give them a drawing of whatever character they played. That means I have to make 11 different characters, which is not too bad. I drew them all, but now I just have to edit/colour them.

This Character you wont remember from the movie because they were added into the Jr musical version to add characters, and carry the story.  These are the Genettes (Narrator Genies)

So because of Aladdin performing this week I have not had any time to draw, which left me feeling slightly empty.  So after drawing today I feel great! The animation program starts in one month.  I am very excited!!

Ill put up the edited drawings when I am done. And watch for the first comic, I should post it soon.

Friday, May 21, 2010

surprises for everyone.

If you have not read the post right before this one, do it now....

I copied that from Melissa, only because it is required to fully understand this post.

Anyways, not only do I get surprised... but you do too.  You lucky readers, you.  Hahha.  Melissa and I are combining our talents to present all you fine readers with a little thing we like to call-

A whale eats Mickey Mouse and a bloody nougat: The premeditated adventures of Melissa and Ramona

This is our way of explaining our comic stories revolved around going on our trip.  The plan is to post them up every friday until our trip starts.  Crossing my fingers this actually happens.  I shall be supplying the drawings, and she the story. Yay!  Arn't you so excited you want to jump up and down and pee your pants?  I know I do!!

Anyways, without further ado I present our coverart for..

A whale eats Mickey Mouse and a bloody nougat: The premeditated adventures of Melissa and Ramona

As you have most likely guessed, Im the disney freak, and Melissa is the one who looks creepy! Stay tuned each week for hilarious comics of us preparing for our trip. 

A little over a month till the animation program starts, whoopee!!

My dreams came true!!

After a while of waiting to tell everyone of this amazing news, I have finally been given permission to tell everyone.

I am going to Orlando, Florida with Melissa.  This includes... Universal Studios, Sea World, Aquatica, Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter World), and .... DISNEYWORLD!!

We are going for 12 days, two for travel.  I am jumping up and down inside.  It is a dream come true!!! 

The story goes as follows...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ramona who loved all things disney.  She dreamed one day she too would live in a world of fairy tales and fantastical things.  For her graduation gift she was granted a trip to disneyland from her parents.  Now all she had to do was find someone to go along with her, for she did not want to wander around California alone, get raped and die, no she did not.

Twice upon a time there lived a girl named Melissa who was so caught up in the world of Harry Potter that she waited all night on her eleventh birthday for her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.  Sadly, this letter did not come.  This caused a great cloud to loom over her the rest of her days.  Until one sunny day, she was at her grandparents house when they surprised her with a trip to Harry Potter World.  As she heard this, the heavens opened up and angels started singing in 10 part harmony.  She was speachless, causing a look of sadness to cross her face.  Her mother quicky clarifyied she was indeed happy about this.  Now all she had to do was find someone to go with.

Thrice upon a time these two girls were taking a walk at Rocky Point Park, Melissa telling Ramona all about her amazing surprise vacation.  Then Ramona said, too bad we couldnt combine the two trips together.  Just then, ducks emerged out of the water, birds came flocking, and the sun shone brighter.  What a brilliant idea.  They skipped home in high spirits, ready to show this idea to thier parents/ grandparents.

That is the end of my tale.  However, just the beginning of the adventures awaiting them on this once in a lifetime vacation.

Yes, I am very happy about that right now.  But as if that wasnt enough, I just got an email from the Summer Animation Program with my acceptance!!! First an amazing trip, now being accepted to the animation program.  How much better could my life get.

Feel free to write any thoughts or congrats to me... hahahha!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Little Mermaid

Finally, the long torturous wait is over.  More drawings -

Just a few random characters-

A character that was inspired by a girl that I teach in class.  She wore an outfit similar to this.  She is halarious in Aladdin.

Yesterday while watching The little Mermaid, I started sketching some of the characters.  Its hard to do when they are constantly moving.

Three versions of Ariel -

Still no reply from the animation program, and I am going crazy.  I think they're just unorganized, but I need to know!!

In other updates, there isnt really alot.  Something that Im not allowed to write on here yet.. but I will. Aladdin is performing in about a week and a half.  I was worried before but I think it will come together, if they all learn their lines!! If not they will get a smack to the head.  Haha, just kidding.

Friday, May 14, 2010

starbucks and gimps

Over the last few days, I have gone for walks in the morning.  Yesterday after my walk I realised i got a blister on the heel of my foot.  It was painful but bearable.  Today on my walk, about half way in, it popped.  Very painful.  Every step was horrible stabs of pain ripping into my foot up to my heart.  okay, maybe it wasnt that bad, but you have to realise it was very painful.  Anyways, I couldnt walk normally because it hurt to much, so I found a way for it to hurt slightly less. By placing my foot sideways (turned out) the pain decreased a bit.  Now have you ever seen those people who are disabled and one of their feet is turned out when they walk, and there is a limp?  Well thats what I looked like for about an hour trying to get home.  Im sorry, was that mean?  I do feel bad for those people, I really do, I just needed to give you a visual.

Anyways, today I went to the mall again, but this time sat in the starbucks area.  Nicer than the food court due to the sun shinning in and the individual tables.  Well I sat there drawing for about two and a half hours, and let me tell you it went by fast.  But there was this stupid guy beside me who kept looking at me and smiling.  Then he asked for my pencil (my special drawing pencil, might I add).  I wanted to yell, STOP BEING SUCH A CREEP AND TURN AROUND.  Ill have to go burn that pencil now.  Hahah, just kidding.  I feel very dramatic right now... hmmm... weird for me.  Anyhow, I wont keep you waiting here is the drawings-

It was alot of fun, but I was very tired by the end.  Earlier on my walk I found this little stone and thought it would be fun to paint a character on it, so here is different ideas.  The starred ones are my favorites.  Some yes, are very ugly.

I also played around with a couple elemental girls drawings.  They didnt come out as I liked but I figured I may as well post them.  The first one is fire, the second water.

I went and saw Grease the musical tonight.  It was done by Lindbjerg Academy - the school I teach with.  It was actually really funny.  Really thats all it takes to make me happy, just make me laugh.

Also for your enjoyment, a naked girl.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

video clips

The chestnut tree is a short animated video that is adorable.  You have to check it out.

Also if you have time watch the great cat family.  Its disney.  part 1 and part 2 its really funny and cute.

Sorry, no drawings for you today.  I havent drawn anything new the last couple days.  Its sad, im getting depressed thinking about it.  Maybe ill go draw something now. hmm... yeah.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Turns out I got the lizards name wrong.  Very embarassing.  Anyways, his name is Bill not Bob.

Bill, oh Bill you poor poor lad
The things you've done are not so bad
To be knocked over on your head
When all you wanted was your bed

Always thrown here and there
flying, flying through the air
Trying to help a friend in need
but they used you, yes indeed

Hahah, I thought it would be fun to make a little poem about him... and what do you know it was. I made another Alice poem a while a go.

Down, down, down she went
Through the hole, and out she bent
Opened the door
Then on to the shore
And in to the arms of a dodo was sent

I really should make more of them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

7:30, alarm goes off.  Stumble out of bed.  Find the stairs.  Walk down the stairs.  Grab what I believe is eggs.  Scramble them.  Make coffee, make juice, cut fruit.  Put onto plate and tray to look nice.  Heave tray upstairs.  Open moms door.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Thats what its like every mothers day.  Hating life when you get up because you would just love one more hour of sleep, but you get up anyway because you know your mom has done soo much for you. You know it will be worth it in the end.

Today we are celebrating this lovely occasion by going out for lunch, possibly to the Keg. Yumm.

Melissa's sisters family birthday celebration is tonight. I did make her a card.  Took many hours of slaving to come up with this, hahah.  No it was fun, what took a long time was deciding how I wanted the card to look.

The idea behind her card was to have animals with names like - thumb tac, coffee pot, carpet, curtain - odd household names.  This is because when she went to her friends house, she was allowed to name her kittens, so naturally names like garbage, velcrow, and tin can were what came to mind.  Anyways, I sketched different animals in this not sure what to use.

I decided on just using kittens, that way is stays truer to the story.


These are the kittens I eventually edited, but I ended up not using the last one.  It didnt fit on the card right.  As you see the kitten above says melissa.  I thought it would be funny to have all these other cats named odd names except for that one cause it looked too much like Melissa.  However, in the end there was not enough cats for that.

This is the end product.  Im pretty proud of it myself.  I hope she likes it. Toaster is Melissa, Velcrow is Tiffany, and Garbage is me. Sort of, just kind of reminds me of us.  Toaster is most positive Melissa.

I should probably get ready for church now, my hair looks like a lion, not kidding. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I made this drawing for Melissa yesterday, but I could not post it then, for fear of her seeing it before I gave it to her.  She loved it and proceeded to make her cat become best friends with it hahha.

Chess is so much like her its kind of scary.  Creepy smiles floating around, manipulating people, over all creep factor.  Hahha, she knows it too.

The other day we were discussing who was who in Alice in Wonderland. Of course Melissa is Chess, but who am I?  I thought about it for a second and said, "If I were a character in Alice in Wonderland, it would probably be BOB.  The guy everything bad happens too."  Then a fountian of juice explodes from Melissas mouth.  Didnt realize it was that funny.. or true for that matter.

If you dont know who Bob is, he is the green lizard.  He gets dragged in to going down the White Rabbits chimminy to get the giant (Alice) out of the house.  He gets hit, and flies through the air.  Lines like, "there goes Bob" and "poor Bob" are constantly said throughout the book.

Maybe Ill draw myself a Bob.

Anyways, tomorrow is Mothers Day, as well as Melissa's sisters birthday celebration.  It is going to be a fun day!! Maybe I should make her a card.  I dont know what she likes... hmmmm....

Friday, May 7, 2010


Today is a superb day! Filled with excitement and inspiration.

I woke up, read, then decided to take a walk outside in the forest (if you can call it a forest) by my house.  It was beautiful in there.  With tall graceful trees, and the sound of a flowing creak all around me.  I sat down and tried to draw.  The drawings were stiff and boring cause I had nothing to draw from (just my imagination).  Im not going to put those drawings up cause they are ugly.  So I got up and decided to go to the mall to get my mothers gift.

I got on the bus and started sketching again not wanting to end with sucky sketches.  They started to get better.  I hoped off the bus and went in search of my mothers gift (old Pride and Prejudice with Collin Firth).  After finding it I sat in the food court to draw.

Best decision I ever made!!  There were so many people there I had no trouble finding a subect.  I sat there for hours, my hand flying around the page.  I even felt like I got to know some of the people I drew.

Anyways, here they are- I had so much fun.

The drawings in blue are the ones I did on the bus, and the pencil is when I was in the food court.

This guy works at the mall and has some type of disability.  He was so happy clearing away the dishes, until some manger (im guessing) came over and talked to him.  After the guy left, he looked so sad.

Other food court people.

I just started to draw the old lady on this page when her husband came over and took over my table, so I left. LAME!

New York Fry girl edited.
Will post later today.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

books, glorious books

Today was very busy in the way that one goes to many places and does not get alot done.  I shall explain.. the plan of Melissa and mine was to go to Black Bond Books (The place we went had two stores in the same mall, one discount, the other not). First we dropped off her sister at work (which was also a different mall) and went inside to Chapters.  We spend a great deal of time sighing over all the books we wanted but could not buy, but we decided to check the other store first cause Black Bond is cheaper.

So off we drove to a store far far away.  We arrived, looked through the stores and bought nothing.  There was books we would enjoy to buy; however, not the perfect ones. So depressed and tired we left.  We realized the only way to cure this depression was to go all the way back to the first mall.

So drive we did.  We stopped at home to get some well needed food and so Melissa could shower ( She needed it!! hahha joking!). Our spirits perked up after eating food and after Melissa spit out her juice, a result of laughing to hard. 

Again we started the long drive to Chapters.  We purchased our books - mine being The Art of The Princess and the Frog and The Memoirs of Sherlock holmes (book four).  The employee I bought my books from clearly understold the brilliant writing of Arthur Conan Doyle as he grinned from ear to ear asking what book it was.  We left and went looking for Melissa's mom's gift.  We walked and walked until Melissa started going crazy.  She thought her phone got really hot in her pocket, but when she took it out, it was normal.  I told her it was all in her head, but before long she lay down on a bench (yes, more signs of the crazy in her).  I felt like I was escorting a two year old out of the mall.

Eventually we did leave and the whole way home we recited a couple "jingles" Melissa previously made up.

I dont like cat poo
I dont like cat pee
I dont like doing cat litter
I just like having a cat

Just an example of her brilliant mind hahha.

Now I hope you dont think I did not have fun today, or disliked being around Melissa when she lost her marbles.  It was great!!

Here is a picture of my Princess and the Frog book-

While I'm at it I might as well put up pictures of all my disney books.  At least I think these are all (all the art books at least).

Josh bought me this for christmas last year, I screamed a little.

This book I got from my parents at christmas last year - three books in total.
I love this book though.  Some of the drawings are really weird but others are amazing.

This book I found in a little book shop while staying in Melissa's uncles "cabin" (it looked like a house) on Galiano island.

Another book I got for chirstmas.  I havent read this one yet but its filled with inspirational art work, and information on the Disney Museum.

Last book I got for christmas.  This book is amazing - it has cells from cinderella, masks, newspaper articles and more.  I love it!

This book I got from Chapters last year I believe, its basically files on all disney characters.

The book I bought today.  These books are brillant.

Thought I'd throw this in as well.  I havent read it yet because it is filled with letters and such from the Sherlock Holmes books, so I want to read them all first.

Wow, this is quite the post.  Very long indeed. But that gives you and idea of how I love my books.  My life would be quite different without them.  I am currently reading the first Percy Jackson book.  It's really good.  I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy.

Until tomo my friends...