Friday, May 21, 2010

My dreams came true!!

After a while of waiting to tell everyone of this amazing news, I have finally been given permission to tell everyone.

I am going to Orlando, Florida with Melissa.  This includes... Universal Studios, Sea World, Aquatica, Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter World), and .... DISNEYWORLD!!

We are going for 12 days, two for travel.  I am jumping up and down inside.  It is a dream come true!!! 

The story goes as follows...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ramona who loved all things disney.  She dreamed one day she too would live in a world of fairy tales and fantastical things.  For her graduation gift she was granted a trip to disneyland from her parents.  Now all she had to do was find someone to go along with her, for she did not want to wander around California alone, get raped and die, no she did not.

Twice upon a time there lived a girl named Melissa who was so caught up in the world of Harry Potter that she waited all night on her eleventh birthday for her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.  Sadly, this letter did not come.  This caused a great cloud to loom over her the rest of her days.  Until one sunny day, she was at her grandparents house when they surprised her with a trip to Harry Potter World.  As she heard this, the heavens opened up and angels started singing in 10 part harmony.  She was speachless, causing a look of sadness to cross her face.  Her mother quicky clarifyied she was indeed happy about this.  Now all she had to do was find someone to go with.

Thrice upon a time these two girls were taking a walk at Rocky Point Park, Melissa telling Ramona all about her amazing surprise vacation.  Then Ramona said, too bad we couldnt combine the two trips together.  Just then, ducks emerged out of the water, birds came flocking, and the sun shone brighter.  What a brilliant idea.  They skipped home in high spirits, ready to show this idea to thier parents/ grandparents.

That is the end of my tale.  However, just the beginning of the adventures awaiting them on this once in a lifetime vacation.

Yes, I am very happy about that right now.  But as if that wasnt enough, I just got an email from the Summer Animation Program with my acceptance!!! First an amazing trip, now being accepted to the animation program.  How much better could my life get.

Feel free to write any thoughts or congrats to me... hahahha!


  1. you're such a jerk, posting my humiliation on the internet for all to see! Only I'm allowed to humiliate myself.....

    Anyways, I love your fairytale rendition of the chain of events. I dont even mention you. I'm super excited though, this is going to be absolutely amazing!!....if our hearts don't kill us from beating too hard, too fast, and too much in our excitement.

    I'm so proud of you for getting into the animation program. But havent I been saying you would get in the whole time?

    I tell you, I'm always right. Why is it you never believe me?

  2. Thanks for not telling me about getting into the program! Its not like I haven't asked you EVERYTIME we talk if you've gotten in yet.