Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

7:30, alarm goes off.  Stumble out of bed.  Find the stairs.  Walk down the stairs.  Grab what I believe is eggs.  Scramble them.  Make coffee, make juice, cut fruit.  Put onto plate and tray to look nice.  Heave tray upstairs.  Open moms door.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Thats what its like every mothers day.  Hating life when you get up because you would just love one more hour of sleep, but you get up anyway because you know your mom has done soo much for you. You know it will be worth it in the end.

Today we are celebrating this lovely occasion by going out for lunch, possibly to the Keg. Yumm.

Melissa's sisters family birthday celebration is tonight. I did make her a card.  Took many hours of slaving to come up with this, hahah.  No it was fun, what took a long time was deciding how I wanted the card to look.

The idea behind her card was to have animals with names like - thumb tac, coffee pot, carpet, curtain - odd household names.  This is because when she went to her friends house, she was allowed to name her kittens, so naturally names like garbage, velcrow, and tin can were what came to mind.  Anyways, I sketched different animals in this not sure what to use.

I decided on just using kittens, that way is stays truer to the story.


These are the kittens I eventually edited, but I ended up not using the last one.  It didnt fit on the card right.  As you see the kitten above says melissa.  I thought it would be funny to have all these other cats named odd names except for that one cause it looked too much like Melissa.  However, in the end there was not enough cats for that.

This is the end product.  Im pretty proud of it myself.  I hope she likes it. Toaster is Melissa, Velcrow is Tiffany, and Garbage is me. Sort of, just kind of reminds me of us.  Toaster is most positive Melissa.

I should probably get ready for church now, my hair looks like a lion, not kidding. 


  1. I adore this. I love the cats, I was so excited I showed my cousins and mom all before we got to Tiffs. That's how great it was. You're so talented. I'm so impressed with you. I do like your original toaster though.... Not as much as I do like me though.

  2. THIS IS BEYOND EXCELLENT! The cat fricking looks JUST like Melissa in her true form! LOVE IT All! GOSH!!!!!