Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Turns out I got the lizards name wrong.  Very embarassing.  Anyways, his name is Bill not Bob.

Bill, oh Bill you poor poor lad
The things you've done are not so bad
To be knocked over on your head
When all you wanted was your bed

Always thrown here and there
flying, flying through the air
Trying to help a friend in need
but they used you, yes indeed

Hahah, I thought it would be fun to make a little poem about him... and what do you know it was. I made another Alice poem a while a go.

Down, down, down she went
Through the hole, and out she bent
Opened the door
Then on to the shore
And in to the arms of a dodo was sent

I really should make more of them.

1 comment:

  1. AWE I LOVED THAT POEM. I remember when you wrote it. I was with you and I criticized it. (I also remember how annoyed you were that I did that!)

    The sketchy bills with colour are absolutely amazing. He looks EXACTLY like he does in the movies (but not fully colored). I'm not even exxagerating. That's amazing. [I stand by what I said today, if you don't get in it's because of their ignorance. Even if your submissions aren't exactly what they are looking for, if they don't see the inherent talent... They are the ignorant ones]

    Oh man, dude, when I was reading the new poem about Bill I kept thinking: Why don't I remember this from the book? I ALWAYS remember passages. ANd then I get down, only for you to tell me that YOU wrote it. WTH. I'm not sure the right one of us is the "writer".