Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mothers day drawing

This morning I have been working on a picture for my mom for mothers day.  It took a good many hours to come up with the final product, but here it is-

I changed the background many times before settling on this simple one.  I would have liked the baby to be doing something more expressive, but im not changing it now hah. Maybe in my next drawing.

These two pages were playing around with how I would draw the mother Swan and Baby.

Here are some drawings I scanned today that were in my sketchbook for a while. I thought i'd release it to the public hah.

I drew these while watching my neighbours cats.  On this page I was drawing the fat cat. I tried to give him some personality.

This drawing was inspired by Vinny (Disney's Atlantis)

Trying to capture the gesture in these two.

A mermaid - picking up a fork

A bride sitting in her dress - obviously quite pleased about the whole thing.

I love this guy. He is pondering what his next move shall be.

And finally Medusa for Melissas pleasure.

No letter from the summer animation program yet, but I'm crossing my fingers and checking the mail everyday.  Its only a matter of time.

I am going to go eat now because I have been so consumed with drawing that I have not eaten.  My stomach is now informing me of this - quite loudly.


  1. Awe, I love the baby swan and mother swan. The sleeping baby is so cute, but the end product is still really good. Your mom is going to love it. All the drawings are so good. Thanks for Medusa!! You know me so well. I love how you tell me about your day on my blog, its hilarious. We can do something today, if you want.

  2. It's really good! Today was my day off so I did nothing! hahaha! I cleaned up my room more, did laundry, got rid of old movies (some Disney ones - SORRY!!!) and now I feel better! Yay! Also got rid of my tv and brought up a nicer one from the garage! Its been 24 hours and Melissa's Chevrolet stupid necklace thing is STILL blinking! Glee was so good today! MUCH better than last week! Too bad you don't like it! Still need to organize and get rid of MORE stuff! OOOHHH! I got $75 for Le Chateau in the mail today (from my work) which means I will be adding to my awesome wardrobe SUPER SOON! I'm SO excited! YES! 16 more days until L.A. and everything good!