Monday, April 26, 2010

All Things Come to an End

Tomorrow is officially the end of the Musical Theatre Program.
wow! Technically I go till friday because I have to help out with the other years performances, but its almost over.  Im happy and sad, mostly happy though.

Anyways, you know the pictures in a couple previous posts of me crying cause I wont see my classmates anymore?  Well I decided to draw it again and colour it differently cause I was not totally satisfied with them. This is the result-

Now I can't decide if I want to use the one with the white border or the one without.  Sigh! HELP!! I may have already printed them before you vote, but vote anyways.

Happy late birthday to one of my best friends - Jillian Hopkin. It was yesterday and I forgot!! I feel horrible, but maybe if I make her an amazing drawing she will forgive me, hahah.

I also need to make a drawing for my dad for his birthday that passed a short while ago.  I was very busy at the time, and I was waiting to recieve my drawing pad. That way it will look more professional.

Melissa isnt home right now, LAME! That means I have to wait till another day to hang out with her.  hahah, no its okay she has to study anyways, yuck!! No more studying for me, for now anyways.


  1. oh the new drawings are even better! i really like it. Honestly? I like the one thats all blue better. this drawing actually looks more like you as well whihc is always a bonus when its supposed to be you.

    I took a break from studying to check on blog stuff, so lucky you, Im commenting.

    Wylie is so cute and impairing my studying cause I want to play with his cuteness

  2. I like the blue one better! For reals yo!