Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tomorrow is the day! The day in which I hand in my portfolio to the summer animation program. The portfolio which carries my future with it. Nerve wracking isn't it? Well I tried to make it look at neat and creative as possible while still using the disposable materials they wanted. I won't know if I have gotten accepted till may but I'm still excited. Wish me luck!!

Anyways I stayed up pretty late to finish this and am now very tired.

Oh this morning in our lift class to warm up we did a relay race where you needed to go across the room doing the wheel barrell with a partner. My parter has long legs and I have short weak arms, so I ended up collapsing my arms causing my chin to bash on the ground. This allowed my chin to swell up and turn purple. Well those are pretty much the most exciting things to happen today.


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