Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I only worked till 3:00 so afterwards I wanted to go to Share (a consinement store) to buy a goofy movie. Normally the movies are 50 cents. So I go there and look around I found soo many Disney movies I wanted. Then I see this plastic figure of Quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame. For only 2.50. As if that wasn't fantastic enough, it was all half price on Sundays. After that I went to value village and got two more movies. They were more expensive though. In the end I bought- a goofy movie, an exremely goofy movie, Lilo and stitch, Atlantis, Peter and the wolf, Tarzan and Jane, the jungle book two spirit and the Quasimodo doll. Crazy!!!

I wrote this last weekend and saved it as a draft so I thought I would put it up late.

Anyways my birthday is on Monday! I can't wait. Also on Tuesday is my graduation show. It's almost over!! I'm excited for the show though cause my song that I am performing is really funny.

I watched Atlantis tonight- I forgot how much I loved that movie. Milo and kida are my favorites.

I also forgot how amazing the movie spirit is. It's not disney but still.

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  1. DUDE! I was so confused when I started reading your post and it was all... today I bought these movies... because, I was like, ummm, but I saw that figure in your room last weekend... (confused, confused, confused).

    You're present is so awesome. I'm jealous. I want it, just because I think it would be fun. You're jealous, I know. Too bad youre parents paid for a lot of it, otherwise.... haha, no just kidding. But you have to let me try it! Cause Im your amazing best friend who is so ridiculously thoughtful it makes you cry....

    Speaking of crying, I think this present is tear worthy, honestly. ALSO. I am making you TWO epic CD's. EPIC! I love them. So I hope you enjoy them!

    PS. I'm seeing how to train your dragon tomo... jealous?

    PSPS. Can you tell I miss you, yet?