Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amazing Program!

As soon as I got home I headed for my bamboo pad to play with drawing and such.  I want to make a drawing to print out as little cards for all my classmates, concidering the program is almost over.  I originally wanted to draw them all as cartoons and put them together in a picture but thats alot of work.  Sooo, I just did a drawing of me being sad that I wont see them anymore.  I did a couple and Im not sure which one to give.  One is funny, and the other serious.  hmmm... what do you think? Here are the two options...

I also drew a quick sketch of the ugly duckling.  Im still trying to get the hang of coloring the drawings in.

So yesterday I finally recieved Sherlock Holmes (my favorite movie at the moment) and I love it soo much.  Melissa is currently sitting in my blue chair next to me and we shall watch it as soon as Im done this.  Jude Law and Robert Downy JR are amazing together.  Their relationship reminds me of Melissa and mine (what doesn't haha), Im Watson and shes Holmes of course.  Yes I have to put up with her crazy logic. haha.

6 days till school is officially over.  I was sad for about a second, but I quickly got over that.

Time for Sherlock Holmes and icecream cake!


  1. I love that. I was sad for six seconds... haha. Oh man, I love these drawings! Especially the duck, there's just something really endearing about the picture. I thin you should give your classmates the funny one, seeing as they're drama people....meaning DRAMATIC.

    I was so impressed with all their performances (aside from one or two) last night, they've all improved so much, it's mind boggling. I compared it, in my mind, to you drawing now and how you'll be drawing after animation school. I was like holy ! Crap! She's really going to be drawing for Disney isn't she.

    Yes, well of course I'm Holmes and you're Watson... and only that relationship and bride wars is like us. It's not everything!