Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warm Crescents

It is a thursday morning and I dont start class till 1:30 today.  Doesn't make me want to go anymore than usual but its nice to sleep in.  Anyways I played around with my pen again today and made another drawing. I had posted this up before and now decided to colour it.

Her name is Kay... stole it from Melissas book. hahah.

I just ate a warm crispy crescent, it was sooo good. Im debating just not going to class today.  We have tap class for four hours.  yuck.  I hate tap.  but it will soon be over in just 5 days! I am sad to say goodbye to most of my classmates- key word "most". hahah. I will make time to see them. 

Im very excited that the Disney Pixar Studio is officially opened in vancouver.  I'm defenatly going to go check it out one of these days. I dont want to work there though because they do digital animation and I just want to do 2D.  So if that means moving to California or LA then so be it.  I'd rather not though.   I dont have a longing to move to far away places.  Visit them, yes! Especially London, England. May parents are going on a trip to Europe this summer, I am very jelous.  I cant believe they wont bring me!! hahha, I am going to Disneyland though.  Hopefully I'll get to Disney World one of these years. sigh.

Its such a beautiful day outside! Too bad I wont see it cause I have to go to school. ARGGG!!


  1. May should be my....there are other mistakes but, I'm too lazy. HAHA. Sorry, couldnt resist. ANyway, WOW, it;s amazing how much the tablet cleans up your drawing! And it looks really sweet with colouringin it. I am very impressed. Its so cool! Too bad it makes your eyes sore!

  2. I wanna go to the Disney Pixar studio too!!!

  3. ALSO can't wait to come over so I can see this "tool" in action!