Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

It's easter today and that means I didn't have to work cause the mall is closed yay!! Every easter morning I wake up and have to find my basket that is hidden (really well) somewhere in the house. This year it was in the computer cabinet inside a shaw wow box inside a grocery bag. Pretty clever.

I decided I wanted to make today productive so I went to ikea and got a new blanket for my bed as well as the cover and pillowcase. Then I came home and looked at new pictures on artists blogs and got so inspired that I drew a few pictures. A couple didn't work out so I won't put them up haha.

A little picture for Easter. The bunny is not happy he has to give away his chocolate eggs.

This was inspired by a little boy sitting at the park across from my house.

And... Medusa. Lots of fun to do.

23 more days till school is over!!! And footloose officially ended yesterday.

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