Friday, May 27, 2011

Parties and Celebrations?

This evening is my boyfriends leaving/grad from electrical school/birthday party, so naturally, 
I made the card today! 

This is him as a Superhero! It says FSJ cause he is leaving for Fort St. John!

This is me, sad, cause he's gone..
I know, I know, why would you draw something so depressing?!
Well you know what?? 

Then I scanned them on to the computer, and printed them at the size I wanted, 
and watercoloured them!

What are you facing lately thats both happy and sad?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I walk in to the animation classroom, it's day one. 
Everyone is grabbing pencils and a desk. I don't.
I notice that everyone from the summer animation program is here. All with a desk.
I stand there awkwardly watching them as they all start drawing. 
The teacher is checking everyone's drawings so far. 
He gets to me,
T-"Why haven't you started?"
R-"Well I'm technically not in this class, I-"
T- "If your not in this class get out! I don't need you to waste space!"
Awkwardly I pack up my things and head for the door.  
Right before I exit the room I look back, nobody is watching, they are all laughing and celebrating getting in to the program.
I take a breath and leave. 

Then I wake up. That was my dream last night.

I didn't get in to the Animation Program this year.  I was so confident in it, almost telling people I would be doing that come September. It's hard, to think of other people who took the program with you to be there, and you won't be. Sure I got on the waiting list, but thirteenth on the list doesn't leave much room for miracles.

Life doesn't always turn out how we want it to, but we need to pick ourselves up and fight harder.  Who knows why my life is turning out a bit different then I thought.  It could work out for the better.  There may be an amazing opportunity just waiting around the corner, and all I need to do is take those steps.

So in honor of picking myself up, I have created a new website to showcase my artwork. World, here I come!

It's not finished yet, but it's coming along.

Has anything Disappointing happened to you lately? How will you cope?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Invitation Complete

Here is the edited version of Jacob's invitation-

It still needs the information added etc. but that's not my job!

painting night, and painting day,
leave my carcass out to lay.
early in the morning sun,
working till the job is done!

That's just a little poem about how much I've been painting the last week and a half.  It really wasn't that bad, but as you know I can be a tad dramatic sometimes.. heh heh!

Anyone have a poem for me about things you have been up to lately?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

Its Mother's Day tomorrow, which means, I must rush and finish her card tonight!

I drew Eeyore because my mom loves him. It will say..
It's not much of a tail (outside)
But I hope you like it (inside)
Then when you open the card, Eeyore's tail will be there.  Notice how there is no tail on the front picture. 

My boyfriend is graduating/having his birthday/leaving for a year soon and so there will be a party to celebrate. His mom asked if I would make the invitations so I drew him looking at a electrical cord confused (he's an electrician). Anyway, here is the sketch, which I will soon edit on the computer.

So I realize I did not finish the A-Z challenge; however, this does not mean I won't finish it! It may just take me a bit. I have been crazy busy painting background sets for the musicals I teach. I will post them when I take good pictures of them. Just for you all, don't you feel special?

What do you do for mother's day?