Saturday, July 17, 2010


Just a little update on the animation program. I have now made an animation of two bouncy balls, a bouncy ball with a tail added (harder than it sounds), started my raccoon animation and have started a walk cycle. Lots of work, but also lots of fun. 

We had a portrait drawing class... Soo hard! I always wanna make my faces look cartoon. ie. enlarging the eyes, or making the head too big. 

Anyways, I'm still loving the program. learning lots every day.  Of course I have those days where I just sit there not being able to activate my brain enough to really do any work.  However, I mostly seam to be on schedule.  We start the speaking animation on Wednesday... eep! This involves being given some recorded speech and animating our character to say the given recording. 

There is a couple birthdays that have past that I made cards for. Ashley (short dark haired girl in my grad pictures) and Phil. 

Ashley's room is black and white so I couldn't colour her drawing the way I usually do, if I want it to go in her room.  Of course it needed to be of her in a gown. I am really hoping she doesn't come look at this before tomorrow. 

Then Phil's card.  We plot ways to kill each other so I thought it would be funny to have the first picture (outside of card) with me distracting him.  Then he opens the card and BAM its my hired hit man come to stab him. Yeah I am pretty funny. I also hope he doesn't see this before he gets it.  *Cross fingers

Original Sketches -


Here is also a random picture I drew of a naked girl (ha-ha).  I was practicing life drawing.  With these classes though, it makes it soo much easier to draw people in different positions now.  Its great.

Once I put my animations on to a cd I will post them on here so you can see.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First day of the Fundamentals of Animation

So sorry I have been away from you all this last while.  I just didn't draw much, so I had nothing to post. I know I am a visual person myself so when I go to blogs, I usually look for pictures or something to capture my interest or I get bored. Unless they are a fantastic writer like Melissa. Also she will kill me if I don't read it... Only kidding!

Anyways, I started the Fundamentals of Animation summer program today. I loved it. We talked quite a bit for the first while, but in the second half we had to create a character to animate later on. just a couple minutes of film I believe. I drew quite a few characters at first just playing around with what I wanted.  I needed it to be simple, yet interesting.  Also, it must be able to be funny.  Everyone likes humor.

So after all that I decided on a little raccoon.  Meet Skip-

Working out the different views, and shapes.

In order to be able to draw him in multiple views and angles, I need to practice.  Tomorrow I will be watching Pocahontas to watch the drawings of Meeko. I'm very excited. 

Some people have crazy detailed characters, I don't know how they will be able to animate them. Good Luck!!

The other day before going to the movies I headed to the mall and sat in the food court so as to draw people. As always I had tons of fun, and enjoyed the results.  When I draw people I feel like I get to know them, or at least make up a story about them in my head. When I look back on the drawing later, I remember everything about the moment I drew it. 

Here are the drawings -

First life drawing class tomorrow..