Monday, July 5, 2010

First day of the Fundamentals of Animation

So sorry I have been away from you all this last while.  I just didn't draw much, so I had nothing to post. I know I am a visual person myself so when I go to blogs, I usually look for pictures or something to capture my interest or I get bored. Unless they are a fantastic writer like Melissa. Also she will kill me if I don't read it... Only kidding!

Anyways, I started the Fundamentals of Animation summer program today. I loved it. We talked quite a bit for the first while, but in the second half we had to create a character to animate later on. just a couple minutes of film I believe. I drew quite a few characters at first just playing around with what I wanted.  I needed it to be simple, yet interesting.  Also, it must be able to be funny.  Everyone likes humor.

So after all that I decided on a little raccoon.  Meet Skip-

Working out the different views, and shapes.

In order to be able to draw him in multiple views and angles, I need to practice.  Tomorrow I will be watching Pocahontas to watch the drawings of Meeko. I'm very excited. 

Some people have crazy detailed characters, I don't know how they will be able to animate them. Good Luck!!

The other day before going to the movies I headed to the mall and sat in the food court so as to draw people. As always I had tons of fun, and enjoyed the results.  When I draw people I feel like I get to know them, or at least make up a story about them in my head. When I look back on the drawing later, I remember everything about the moment I drew it. 

Here are the drawings -

First life drawing class tomorrow..


  1. I LOOOOOVE Skip! He's sooooo cute!!!
    I should come with you sometime to the mall and watch you draw!! Looks hilarious!!!

  2. I already saw all of these so you know my opinion. You know which mall characters are my favorite.

    But I will say this again.

    I love Skip. He has to be my favorite little character you have ever done (except for Sawyer!!) he is adorable, mischievous, and cute as a button!


    I'm a little in love with him. I can't wait to see the animated result.

    Hope your having fun drawing naked people today!