Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Grinch's, OH MY!

I edited the Grinch card, and let me tell you, it is pretty funny. I wanted to post it but Melissa said - (insert mocking voice) "You're not allowed!"

Well you know what Melissa? SCREW YOU!

Hahha, only kidding. She is sitting across from me as I type this. If I was serious, she'd probably kill me, and nobody would know it was her.  She has this gift of getting rid of the evidence. 

On to bigger and better things, after editing the picture, I decided to draw some lions.

Kiara, not Nala.

 Drawn from a real life lion (picture)

Everyones favorite villain, Scar

This was me on Saturday. wait, move the hands farther away from the feet, and that was me on Saturday. I have not stretched in so long, the kids were way better than I was. Yes, you may pity me now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Okay, I know what the date is, but I didn't really know what the date is.

There is a little over a month until Christmas, and I didn't start preparing till yesterday. I am trying to cut back on money I spend on presents this year because I have to pay off school and such. So for the people who will appreciate it, I am going to be making them a drawing.  Not sure if I want to edit them on the computer or watercolor them yet, but either way, this adds quite a bit of work.  Explaining my freak out of Christmas only being in a month.

Anyway, for Christmas cards I decided to draw a couple different designs and print out a bunch of them. I also bought a pack of cards (from Carlton, where I work) because they are soo beautiful. 

Bought cards.

Nice Card. A little girl hugging a reindeer.

Funny card. (this card will say, "He sees you when you're sleeping."
Creepy hey? heheheh!)

I am very excited for Christmas this year! Gotta start working on all my cards/drawings now though, so I won't go crazy and have to make 10 drawings in a day later on. 

Here is a couple drawings for another card.

Phillippe (Beauty and the Beast)

Phil (Hercules)

P.s. I am watching Bambi right now, and I love it soo much! Second favorite Disney movie of all time!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossfires of heaven and hell

Another Mermaid.

Here is something I drew yesterday. It's hard to see here, so if I can get hold of a working scanner I will scan it for you guys.  Pretty sure I will edit this one too. 

Girl enters, everyones eyes are on her except for the one person she wants to tell she loves. However, he is at the party with someone else. Sad, I know.

First drawing I have done with more than two people I think.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

It is pouring rain outside! 
I have to leave for work soon. in the rain.

I changed the look slightly of my character, shes cuter now. 

I wish I could draw all day, but I have to work, bleh.
Maybe I will draw randoms on the bus.

Mermaids and More

Well three days straight of posting! I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited.

Okay so maybe the character I made yesterday is not me, but she is a new character, and either I will change her face to look more like me, or she will just represent my emotions etc.

Here is more drawings of her, playing around with facial expressions and such.

A couple other drawings for you.

A little girl

And a mermaid. I had gone so long without drawing a mermaid that i felt I just needed to. I rather like her so I may possibly edit it soon.

Thats all for now folks!
I hope I can keep this up.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vikings and new goals

In pursuit of keeping up my drawing practice, I decided to go to the mall and draw people. 

I did not enjoy how crowded the mall was on a TUESDAY AFTERNOON! Don't people work? I ended up perching myself on a couch (beside a sleeping old man). I only have a couple drawings of people to post for a couple reasons. 1. Some of them weren't that great; therefore, I don't really want to post them. 2. I got excited about something else, which I will explain after. 

On my way to the mall, I saw this MASSIVE man, with greasy long flowing hair.  He reminded me of a vicking, so I drew this..
(He was not this in shape)

Then this lady walked by very fast, so I just took my first impression off her. 
(That's the thing about malls, all your models walk away from you.)

Most of the people that did walk by did not capture my interest so I started doodling around with random characters.  I thought maybe I will attempt to draw myself as a cartoon again. 

This is what came about.

So I decided to expand on that and create..

(in cartoon)

I know I know!
It doesnt exactly look like me, but its closer than anything I have tried before.

My new goal will be to draw my cartoon doing what I did during the day. Lets see if this happens. It will also get me to practice drawing the same character in multiple postitions. 

Arn't you soo proud?
Well you should be!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I feel utterly horrible, 
I have not drawn until tonight, 
and it saddens me. 

I am now working three jobs which takes up quite a bit of my time, and I put aside drawing. I miss it terribly. Don't ask me why tonight I started to draw again.  Maybe it was the fact that I saw people from the animation program yesterday, the fact that I feel something missing inside me, the fact that I had the day off, or the fact that I took a "What obscure Disney Princess are you quiz?" and got Kida. 

I guess I thought I'd better draw to get back my sanity, and to finally post something new on my blog.  Because, lets face it, as fun as pictures are, you don't know the people in the pictures with me. So friends, to you, I present, finally, some drawings.

(Disney's Atlantis.  A movie that is frequently over looked.)

Now we all know, my true Disney Princess is Ariel, but for an obscure princess, Kida is pretty cool too. 

Secondly, I decided to draw 

This is because I found a really cute picture of her online. I would like to tell you it was because of something meaningful like, I was pondering the good ol' days of teaching last year.. but no. It's just the first one I saw that I liked.

It took me a couple tries to get Kida, cause I was not patient at first.  I just wanted to draw something good. Then, I stopped myself and realized I needed to enjoy it too. That's when the drawing worked out. 

So kids, if you are drawing for the sake of drawing, put the pencil down! Drawing is fun!! We need to be patient with that pencil and let it express our inner most passions, and feelings.

Sorry, I got all freaky on you there. I guess I just really missed drawing. I will work harder, I promise!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween - Oh what a night.

Halloween (well technically Saturday) was a great day. Filled with hilarity, and some all together scary things for these reasons.

The day started out going to teach at Lindbjerg. The class was filled with mimes, ninjas, nerds and more. It was very exciting. 

(all the kids and me)

(Amanda and I)

(Three teachers, showing some leg)

Then in the evening was the Halloween party, and some of the things that went on there, I will not mention.  Believe me, it's for your own good. The costumes were great, though some people took them pretty seriously.. 

I still don't have any drawings for you, which hurts my soul, but I will draw more. Possibly today, I do feel the urge coming over me. hmm... You could get lucky.