Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Okay, I know what the date is, but I didn't really know what the date is.

There is a little over a month until Christmas, and I didn't start preparing till yesterday. I am trying to cut back on money I spend on presents this year because I have to pay off school and such. So for the people who will appreciate it, I am going to be making them a drawing.  Not sure if I want to edit them on the computer or watercolor them yet, but either way, this adds quite a bit of work.  Explaining my freak out of Christmas only being in a month.

Anyway, for Christmas cards I decided to draw a couple different designs and print out a bunch of them. I also bought a pack of cards (from Carlton, where I work) because they are soo beautiful. 

Bought cards.

Nice Card. A little girl hugging a reindeer.

Funny card. (this card will say, "He sees you when you're sleeping."
Creepy hey? heheheh!)

I am very excited for Christmas this year! Gotta start working on all my cards/drawings now though, so I won't go crazy and have to make 10 drawings in a day later on. 

Here is a couple drawings for another card.

Phillippe (Beauty and the Beast)

Phil (Hercules)

P.s. I am watching Bambi right now, and I love it soo much! Second favorite Disney movie of all time!


  1. Oh my goodness Phillippe is GOREGEOUS!
    I'm so impressed.

  2. I love so very much that you make a point of doing the lesser known Disney movies and especially the non-lead characters like Phil and Phillippe! It's so refreshing.
    I hope to keep seeing more and your beautiful gift further expand its greatness.


  3. I love pine-cones! Your drawings are amazing and I'm sure the people receiving them will be proud to own them.