Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossfires of heaven and hell

Another Mermaid.

Here is something I drew yesterday. It's hard to see here, so if I can get hold of a working scanner I will scan it for you guys.  Pretty sure I will edit this one too. 

Girl enters, everyones eyes are on her except for the one person she wants to tell she loves. However, he is at the party with someone else. Sad, I know.

First drawing I have done with more than two people I think.


  1. OOOO I LOVE the scene! Way to go, branching out like that. You do it well. You should edit this! and then print me out a copy. THANKS

  2. Awesome crowd scene!!! I want to see more!! Maybe a comic book???

  3. oooh a comic book would be fun. But what would it be about? Also soo much work. But its a possibility.

  4. Hey, I'm over from Melissa's blog post and I must say WOW! You're quite the artist!