Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vikings and new goals

In pursuit of keeping up my drawing practice, I decided to go to the mall and draw people. 

I did not enjoy how crowded the mall was on a TUESDAY AFTERNOON! Don't people work? I ended up perching myself on a couch (beside a sleeping old man). I only have a couple drawings of people to post for a couple reasons. 1. Some of them weren't that great; therefore, I don't really want to post them. 2. I got excited about something else, which I will explain after. 

On my way to the mall, I saw this MASSIVE man, with greasy long flowing hair.  He reminded me of a vicking, so I drew this..
(He was not this in shape)

Then this lady walked by very fast, so I just took my first impression off her. 
(That's the thing about malls, all your models walk away from you.)

Most of the people that did walk by did not capture my interest so I started doodling around with random characters.  I thought maybe I will attempt to draw myself as a cartoon again. 

This is what came about.

So I decided to expand on that and create..

(in cartoon)

I know I know!
It doesnt exactly look like me, but its closer than anything I have tried before.

My new goal will be to draw my cartoon doing what I did during the day. Lets see if this happens. It will also get me to practice drawing the same character in multiple postitions. 

Arn't you soo proud?
Well you should be!

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  1. Very cool stuff. I love the hair and face in the second drawing!

    Eww to the inspiration for the viking (note the spelling please!) guy.

    I was going to say that the depiction of you, doesn't really look like you but it was cool to see all the stuff you were doing during the day. I hope you keep up with these goals!