Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Grinch's, OH MY!

I edited the Grinch card, and let me tell you, it is pretty funny. I wanted to post it but Melissa said - (insert mocking voice) "You're not allowed!"

Well you know what Melissa? SCREW YOU!

Hahha, only kidding. She is sitting across from me as I type this. If I was serious, she'd probably kill me, and nobody would know it was her.  She has this gift of getting rid of the evidence. 

On to bigger and better things, after editing the picture, I decided to draw some lions.

Kiara, not Nala.

 Drawn from a real life lion (picture)

Everyones favorite villain, Scar

This was me on Saturday. wait, move the hands farther away from the feet, and that was me on Saturday. I have not stretched in so long, the kids were way better than I was. Yes, you may pity me now.


  1. I heart scar to infinity! Kiara is freaking adorable too. The real life lion looks so sad. But I like him anyway.

    I am good at getting rid of evidence.... I've already gotten rid of some in this comment but you'll never know. :)

  2. Hahahah! I knew that wasn't you because I know you are not that flexible. Its more like me! Just kidding <3

  3. Mmmm, Jeremy Irons' voice, purrfect!

    I love the real lion, too!