Monday, April 26, 2010

All Things Come to an End

Tomorrow is officially the end of the Musical Theatre Program.
wow! Technically I go till friday because I have to help out with the other years performances, but its almost over.  Im happy and sad, mostly happy though.

Anyways, you know the pictures in a couple previous posts of me crying cause I wont see my classmates anymore?  Well I decided to draw it again and colour it differently cause I was not totally satisfied with them. This is the result-

Now I can't decide if I want to use the one with the white border or the one without.  Sigh! HELP!! I may have already printed them before you vote, but vote anyways.

Happy late birthday to one of my best friends - Jillian Hopkin. It was yesterday and I forgot!! I feel horrible, but maybe if I make her an amazing drawing she will forgive me, hahah.

I also need to make a drawing for my dad for his birthday that passed a short while ago.  I was very busy at the time, and I was waiting to recieve my drawing pad. That way it will look more professional.

Melissa isnt home right now, LAME! That means I have to wait till another day to hang out with her.  hahah, no its okay she has to study anyways, yuck!! No more studying for me, for now anyways.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warm Crescents

It is a thursday morning and I dont start class till 1:30 today.  Doesn't make me want to go anymore than usual but its nice to sleep in.  Anyways I played around with my pen again today and made another drawing. I had posted this up before and now decided to colour it.

Her name is Kay... stole it from Melissas book. hahah.

I just ate a warm crispy crescent, it was sooo good. Im debating just not going to class today.  We have tap class for four hours.  yuck.  I hate tap.  but it will soon be over in just 5 days! I am sad to say goodbye to most of my classmates- key word "most". hahah. I will make time to see them. 

Im very excited that the Disney Pixar Studio is officially opened in vancouver.  I'm defenatly going to go check it out one of these days. I dont want to work there though because they do digital animation and I just want to do 2D.  So if that means moving to California or LA then so be it.  I'd rather not though.   I dont have a longing to move to far away places.  Visit them, yes! Especially London, England. May parents are going on a trip to Europe this summer, I am very jelous.  I cant believe they wont bring me!! hahha, I am going to Disneyland though.  Hopefully I'll get to Disney World one of these years. sigh.

Its such a beautiful day outside! Too bad I wont see it cause I have to go to school. ARGGG!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amazing Program!

As soon as I got home I headed for my bamboo pad to play with drawing and such.  I want to make a drawing to print out as little cards for all my classmates, concidering the program is almost over.  I originally wanted to draw them all as cartoons and put them together in a picture but thats alot of work.  Sooo, I just did a drawing of me being sad that I wont see them anymore.  I did a couple and Im not sure which one to give.  One is funny, and the other serious.  hmmm... what do you think? Here are the two options...

I also drew a quick sketch of the ugly duckling.  Im still trying to get the hang of coloring the drawings in.

So yesterday I finally recieved Sherlock Holmes (my favorite movie at the moment) and I love it soo much.  Melissa is currently sitting in my blue chair next to me and we shall watch it as soon as Im done this.  Jude Law and Robert Downy JR are amazing together.  Their relationship reminds me of Melissa and mine (what doesn't haha), Im Watson and shes Holmes of course.  Yes I have to put up with her crazy logic. haha.

6 days till school is officially over.  I was sad for about a second, but I quickly got over that.

Time for Sherlock Holmes and icecream cake!


Someone just farted on the bus...

And it smells really bad!

Bamboo craft

I only have a couple mintutes to make this post because i have to leave for school soon, but I was soo excited I just had to put it up.  On my birthday which was two days ago I got the Bamboo Craft from my best friend melissa and my parents.  its amazing. I did my first drawing today.. here it is..

That was so much fun to do.  This was done with water colours.  Arg! I dont want to go to school, I want to stay here and test out this amazing program.

Yesterday was my showcase and I sang Fancy Meeting You Here it was soo much fun to do.  It was a comedic piece.  It almost made me want to continue with musical theatre.  Only because the actual performance is so much fun but rehearsals suck!  However, Im sure I will do shows in the future, just mostly focus on drawing and animation. 

In may I find out if I made it in to the summer animation course. Cross your fingers.

I guess I have to leave for school now... barf!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I only worked till 3:00 so afterwards I wanted to go to Share (a consinement store) to buy a goofy movie. Normally the movies are 50 cents. So I go there and look around I found soo many Disney movies I wanted. Then I see this plastic figure of Quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame. For only 2.50. As if that wasn't fantastic enough, it was all half price on Sundays. After that I went to value village and got two more movies. They were more expensive though. In the end I bought- a goofy movie, an exremely goofy movie, Lilo and stitch, Atlantis, Peter and the wolf, Tarzan and Jane, the jungle book two spirit and the Quasimodo doll. Crazy!!!

I wrote this last weekend and saved it as a draft so I thought I would put it up late.

Anyways my birthday is on Monday! I can't wait. Also on Tuesday is my graduation show. It's almost over!! I'm excited for the show though cause my song that I am performing is really funny.

I watched Atlantis tonight- I forgot how much I loved that movie. Milo and kida are my favorites.

I also forgot how amazing the movie spirit is. It's not disney but still.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tomorrow is the day! The day in which I hand in my portfolio to the summer animation program. The portfolio which carries my future with it. Nerve wracking isn't it? Well I tried to make it look at neat and creative as possible while still using the disposable materials they wanted. I won't know if I have gotten accepted till may but I'm still excited. Wish me luck!!

Anyways I stayed up pretty late to finish this and am now very tired.

Oh this morning in our lift class to warm up we did a relay race where you needed to go across the room doing the wheel barrell with a partner. My parter has long legs and I have short weak arms, so I ended up collapsing my arms causing my chin to bash on the ground. This allowed my chin to swell up and turn purple. Well those are pretty much the most exciting things to happen today.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

More drawings

Wow! Today is just filled with inspiration for drawings. I went over to my friend Joys house and she asked if I wanted to draw. Good thing I had all of my drawing supplies with me! Hahah so I drew her a picture of her and did a few dawings in my sketchbook. Yay Easter!

Drawing for Joy.

A dragon. I want to see How to Train Your Dragon. I think that's what it's called.

Joy walking in the wind.


Forest nymph or something.

Anyways, I'm still at her house I should socialize hahah. And... Welcome new followers! I'm so very happy to have you haha.

Happy Easter

It's easter today and that means I didn't have to work cause the mall is closed yay!! Every easter morning I wake up and have to find my basket that is hidden (really well) somewhere in the house. This year it was in the computer cabinet inside a shaw wow box inside a grocery bag. Pretty clever.

I decided I wanted to make today productive so I went to ikea and got a new blanket for my bed as well as the cover and pillowcase. Then I came home and looked at new pictures on artists blogs and got so inspired that I drew a few pictures. A couple didn't work out so I won't put them up haha.

A little picture for Easter. The bunny is not happy he has to give away his chocolate eggs.

This was inspired by a little boy sitting at the park across from my house.

And... Medusa. Lots of fun to do.

23 more days till school is over!!! And footloose officially ended yesterday.