Friday, May 21, 2010

surprises for everyone.

If you have not read the post right before this one, do it now....

I copied that from Melissa, only because it is required to fully understand this post.

Anyways, not only do I get surprised... but you do too.  You lucky readers, you.  Hahha.  Melissa and I are combining our talents to present all you fine readers with a little thing we like to call-

A whale eats Mickey Mouse and a bloody nougat: The premeditated adventures of Melissa and Ramona

This is our way of explaining our comic stories revolved around going on our trip.  The plan is to post them up every friday until our trip starts.  Crossing my fingers this actually happens.  I shall be supplying the drawings, and she the story. Yay!  Arn't you so excited you want to jump up and down and pee your pants?  I know I do!!

Anyways, without further ado I present our coverart for..

A whale eats Mickey Mouse and a bloody nougat: The premeditated adventures of Melissa and Ramona

As you have most likely guessed, Im the disney freak, and Melissa is the one who looks creepy! Stay tuned each week for hilarious comics of us preparing for our trip. 

A little over a month till the animation program starts, whoopee!!


  1. seriously. You need to work on your spelling. I was proud of you for spelling premeditated right, until you admitted you just copied me. If we were in school, you would have gotten a zero for this assignment.
    I know youll correct this. But, I saw this first and made you correct it. Therefore, I still win.

    I'm STOKED for our comic series. And it will happen (even if we make the comics teh week before and just wait to post them. Cause in the end we have to print off the comics and put them at the front of our trip scrapbooks! (which we HAVE to make, no excuses!!!)

  2. Where are you going for the animation program? My husband works at EA, and he worked for Mainframe before that. His cousin works at Dreamworks and was Head of Animation on Kung-Fu the family

  3. Love that Melissa is the creepy one!