Friday, May 14, 2010

starbucks and gimps

Over the last few days, I have gone for walks in the morning.  Yesterday after my walk I realised i got a blister on the heel of my foot.  It was painful but bearable.  Today on my walk, about half way in, it popped.  Very painful.  Every step was horrible stabs of pain ripping into my foot up to my heart.  okay, maybe it wasnt that bad, but you have to realise it was very painful.  Anyways, I couldnt walk normally because it hurt to much, so I found a way for it to hurt slightly less. By placing my foot sideways (turned out) the pain decreased a bit.  Now have you ever seen those people who are disabled and one of their feet is turned out when they walk, and there is a limp?  Well thats what I looked like for about an hour trying to get home.  Im sorry, was that mean?  I do feel bad for those people, I really do, I just needed to give you a visual.

Anyways, today I went to the mall again, but this time sat in the starbucks area.  Nicer than the food court due to the sun shinning in and the individual tables.  Well I sat there drawing for about two and a half hours, and let me tell you it went by fast.  But there was this stupid guy beside me who kept looking at me and smiling.  Then he asked for my pencil (my special drawing pencil, might I add).  I wanted to yell, STOP BEING SUCH A CREEP AND TURN AROUND.  Ill have to go burn that pencil now.  Hahah, just kidding.  I feel very dramatic right now... hmmm... weird for me.  Anyhow, I wont keep you waiting here is the drawings-

It was alot of fun, but I was very tired by the end.  Earlier on my walk I found this little stone and thought it would be fun to paint a character on it, so here is different ideas.  The starred ones are my favorites.  Some yes, are very ugly.

I also played around with a couple elemental girls drawings.  They didnt come out as I liked but I figured I may as well post them.  The first one is fire, the second water.

I went and saw Grease the musical tonight.  It was done by Lindbjerg Academy - the school I teach with.  It was actually really funny.  Really thats all it takes to make me happy, just make me laugh.

Also for your enjoyment, a naked girl.


  1. Also for you enjoyment - a naked girl HAHAHAHAAA! SO MANY PICTURES!!! YES! I love it! I can't believe you go out there and sketch those poeple, but you totally get so many expressions and poses!! And your so good!
    THE ROCK!!!! My favs are the on that looks like mike wazowski and the stitch one (DUH!). I saw grease too!! It was um... very... amateur dress rehearsal??

  2. What the hell. Josh beat me, this is NOT right. Not at all. I'm always first. Now I feel as if my day is incomplete. Gah, whatever.

    Personally, I really like the elemental girls. I wonder why? I like how you picked Rory and Kay. Or what you and I would be. Did you do that on purpose or just because you like those two the best?

    I think going out and sketching at the mall is a great idea for you. It helps you capture so many different facial ticks and expressions. And poses. I think it shows really great talent when people can go out and quickly sketch like that and come out with a product lik eyou do. Its a great way to hone your skills.

    I Love the rock idea. Call me today. okay? I want to paint a rock TOO. (but only if you draw me a character first :))

    My favorites are the ones you starred. :)

  3. the ones you starred PLUS the heffalump and cat