Thursday, May 6, 2010

books, glorious books

Today was very busy in the way that one goes to many places and does not get alot done.  I shall explain.. the plan of Melissa and mine was to go to Black Bond Books (The place we went had two stores in the same mall, one discount, the other not). First we dropped off her sister at work (which was also a different mall) and went inside to Chapters.  We spend a great deal of time sighing over all the books we wanted but could not buy, but we decided to check the other store first cause Black Bond is cheaper.

So off we drove to a store far far away.  We arrived, looked through the stores and bought nothing.  There was books we would enjoy to buy; however, not the perfect ones. So depressed and tired we left.  We realized the only way to cure this depression was to go all the way back to the first mall.

So drive we did.  We stopped at home to get some well needed food and so Melissa could shower ( She needed it!! hahha joking!). Our spirits perked up after eating food and after Melissa spit out her juice, a result of laughing to hard. 

Again we started the long drive to Chapters.  We purchased our books - mine being The Art of The Princess and the Frog and The Memoirs of Sherlock holmes (book four).  The employee I bought my books from clearly understold the brilliant writing of Arthur Conan Doyle as he grinned from ear to ear asking what book it was.  We left and went looking for Melissa's mom's gift.  We walked and walked until Melissa started going crazy.  She thought her phone got really hot in her pocket, but when she took it out, it was normal.  I told her it was all in her head, but before long she lay down on a bench (yes, more signs of the crazy in her).  I felt like I was escorting a two year old out of the mall.

Eventually we did leave and the whole way home we recited a couple "jingles" Melissa previously made up.

I dont like cat poo
I dont like cat pee
I dont like doing cat litter
I just like having a cat

Just an example of her brilliant mind hahha.

Now I hope you dont think I did not have fun today, or disliked being around Melissa when she lost her marbles.  It was great!!

Here is a picture of my Princess and the Frog book-

While I'm at it I might as well put up pictures of all my disney books.  At least I think these are all (all the art books at least).

Josh bought me this for christmas last year, I screamed a little.

This book I got from my parents at christmas last year - three books in total.
I love this book though.  Some of the drawings are really weird but others are amazing.

This book I found in a little book shop while staying in Melissa's uncles "cabin" (it looked like a house) on Galiano island.

Another book I got for chirstmas.  I havent read this one yet but its filled with inspirational art work, and information on the Disney Museum.

Last book I got for christmas.  This book is amazing - it has cells from cinderella, masks, newspaper articles and more.  I love it!

This book I got from Chapters last year I believe, its basically files on all disney characters.

The book I bought today.  These books are brillant.

Thought I'd throw this in as well.  I havent read it yet because it is filled with letters and such from the Sherlock Holmes books, so I want to read them all first.

Wow, this is quite the post.  Very long indeed. But that gives you and idea of how I love my books.  My life would be quite different without them.  I am currently reading the first Percy Jackson book.  It's really good.  I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy.

Until tomo my friends...


  1. I like how you assume everyone who is following you is your friend. Haha. Just kidding.

    I was laughing so hard when you talked about me loosing my marbles. I felt like I was going crazy too. I mean, I know I'm unhinged, but actually feeling like I was loosing it. Yikes! I have more of my sanity than I thought I did.

    Yeah, I'm one of those brilliant, beautiful mind people. Like Sheldon! (but less neurotic, and just well... less.)

    SOOO many books. SO many. But thanks for going through the trouble of scanning all of them.

    PS> Im not like a two year old.

  2. Last time I was with Melissa and she went crazy was at Metro Town so I hope thats where you were!!! YES! I LOVE Percy Jackson so I'm glad you like it - WAY better than the movie!

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