Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Little Mermaid

Finally, the long torturous wait is over.  More drawings -

Just a few random characters-

A character that was inspired by a girl that I teach in class.  She wore an outfit similar to this.  She is halarious in Aladdin.

Yesterday while watching The little Mermaid, I started sketching some of the characters.  Its hard to do when they are constantly moving.

Three versions of Ariel -

Still no reply from the animation program, and I am going crazy.  I think they're just unorganized, but I need to know!!

In other updates, there isnt really alot.  Something that Im not allowed to write on here yet.. but I will. Aladdin is performing in about a week and a half.  I was worried before but I think it will come together, if they all learn their lines!! If not they will get a smack to the head.  Haha, just kidding.


  1. Okay. That little girl is SO cute, who does she play in Aladin? (Im getting tickets to both casts for free still, right??)

    I adore Ursula, she looks really awesome. Ariel is sweet, though I dont see the difference between the drawings of the last two... not really *ducks the projectile objects Ramona throws in a fit of rage*

    Okay wait, I just looked again, and now I do. I feel very stupid. VERY VERY stupid. BUt Im trying this thing, its called honesty... and its forbidding me to change the above statements.

    We have to post our posts about forbidden things at EXACTLY the same time. No joke.

  2. I like the way you draw the little mermaid characters!!!! They look awesome! You should just do you own take on all disney characters!!
    Is your forbidden thing Melissa's forbidden thing??? Cause if not then thats weird! I'm hoping to have my own forbidden thing soon too! ACTUALLY! ANYWAYS got to wake up in just a few hours to leave to L.A.! BEst weekend (gLeekend) of my life coming up!!!

  3. Is that Girl in your drawing mine? the socks remind me of her