Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poor Unfortunate

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Poor Unfortunate (otherwise known as me).  One day she thought she would be a good friend and accompany Stupid Butt Head (otherwise known as Melissa) to school and back so Stupid Butt Head wouldn't be alone while buying her books and busing home.

Now, Poor Unfortunate did not know that helping out her friend would be the worst possible decision she could have made that day.  She did not know this because helping out a friend was something Poor Unfortunate did quite often.

So on this cold, mildly sunny day, Poor Unfortunate went with Stupid Butt Head and her Grandfather to the bookstore at school.  While walking the short distance from the car to the school, Stupid Butt Head saw a crow and due to her paranoia, she ducked while yelling, "PLEASE DONT POO ON ME!!!" Her Grandfather and Poor Unfortunate thought she was crazy but what else is new? Just as she finished saying this, Poor Unfortunate felt something hit her head.

It was Poo.  A crow just pooped on Poor Unfortunates head. It also proceeded to land in many places on her black pea coat.  Silence clung in the air, until a loud cackling broke the silence.  Stupid butt head was hinged at the waist laughing hysterically.  (You now see the reason for her being called Stupid Butt Head)

While her Grandfather was being useful, combing the poo out of Poor Unfortunates hair, Stupid Butt Head continued laughing. 

Poor Unfortunate went to the bathroom to clean up and rub soap into her coat so the smell of poo would not consume her.  When she thought most of the poo was gone, she returned to the book store.

You'd think Stupid Butt Head would have stopped laughing by the time they left for home on the bus, out of bordum, passing of time, or out of common curtesy, but NOOOO!  The laughing continued all the way home Any time Poor Unfortunate would look over at Stupid Butt Head, there she was laughing.

Eventually Poor Unfortunate had enough and kicked Stupid Butt Head till she died.

Just kidding...but that would have been funny.

Melissa wasnt that bad, in between the tears of laugher was quite a few apologies.  I can't really blame her for laughing either, its a funny story.

Here is a quick sketch I made of the situation.

No letter from the summer animation program yet.... grrr.

Im really craving sushi right now.. hmmm, maybe ill get some.


  1. I love how your story is exactly like a fairy tale. I was laughing soooo hard reading this. You have no idea. Actually, maybe you do. The drawing had me in a fit. I showed Sister and she was all "Ramona's so funny!" And I'm like, I know. I love my evil face, no lies. Its amazing! LOVE YOU.

    We should do something later later today. KAY!

  2. Ps. you havent changed your header yet??

  3. I would have given a LOT to be there! That is CRAZY hilarious AND I love the picture!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture!!!! I would have laughed until I died so your lucky I wasn't there!! AH! I just LOVE this story so much! AND the new header!!