Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from Edmonton!

Im back from Edmonton! It was super fun. Melissa and I stayed with my cousin Janice, who is amazing by the way. We watched this video of saturday night live. The funniest thing I have ever seen.
umm.. some highlights.

Tubing - we went tubing on the lake with my uncle. Melissa kept flipping off the tube (halarious). She was getting super cocky doing the YMCA and stuff so we tried to flip her off. I held on tight as to not allow them a victory. However, at one point I wanted to fall off so I stretch back as to slip off. I did slip off, but somehow continued skimming on top of the water without the tube. IT WAS NUTS!
Campfire - we had two campfires while we were there. I was sooo happy. Melissa decided to eat marshmellows till she was sick the second time.

Movies/Big Brother - Almost everynight Melissa, Jan, and I would watch movies. We saw The Ugly Truth, with was really funny. We also got hooked on Big Brother (hot Jeff)
Shopping - we went to many stores, which was fun. Melissa bought 9 books total. haha including one called Melissa. It sounds like her life story too. haha. I bought my second book in the Sword of Truth series, and a new planner for this year.

Jan - the biggest highlight of going to edmonton was seeing Jan. Thank you for letting us stay with you we had so much fun.

There is alot more, but I dont feel like typing it all.

And some Lowlights...

Dairy Queen - the blizzards they gave us, did not meet the standard commercial thickness. They were like soup. So I put it in the freezer for a whole day and still it was runny. that was a waste of 4 dollars.

Unhelpful Helpful People - This lady was trying to help us when we were lost, but she took 9 million years to write the directions for us. No joke. She tried to draw us a map that made no sense at all. Her written directions were noo better.

Insanely Hot Sun - On the way back the sun was sooo hot. We were beyond sweaty by the time we got home. It was like a rainforest in the car.

Overall it was a really fun trip.

Here is some drawings/watercolour I did recently.

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