Sunday, November 8, 2009

animation open house

Yesterday was the animation open house at my school. I went and brought my drawings, and it was good. However, I dont think I am ready for the course cause I have had no training at all. So, I think I will do the summer program first. That way I can have worked out all the basics, and get more out of the program. Wait a year to apply so I can work and pay off the musical theatre schooling. For some reason though, thinking of taking a year off freaks me out. Maybe I feel like I will have nothing to do or something. Who knows, but maybe the idea will grow on me. It seams like the most logical.
Anyways, I did these drawings after going to the open house yesterday. I was talking to one of the instructors, and he was talking about how using blue pencil allows for more mistakes. So I did.

I cant wait for this evening. Going to Melissa's to watch The Proposal with her and her mom. I love that movie. I saw it three times in theatres haha. Bonus! We are also having ribs... Yummm! Her mom makes them really well, basically everything she cooks is really good so yeah.


  1. I agree, Im sure it will grow on you (the idea I mean) and, not to mention, youre doing the summer program. If you do decide to go back to school in september. You can do anything you want.

    I read my mom the last paragraph out loud. She was like AWE thats so sweet!

  2. Mona that's awesome! I'm like actually super excited for you - like I'm all jittery or nervous about it myself!!! And the DISNEY STORE! That would be a dream come true!