Monday, November 2, 2009

mid-term show

I thought my mid-term show was going to suck like nothing else. I had a huge headache that day and was so tired. But I had to go and perform my substitution song. In this unit at school each person goes up and sings a song, just like every other review show, but this time Kevin (our singing instructor) throws things at you that you have to go with. During the class workshop of this I hated it. I was sooo frustrated and in tears basically the whole time. Trying to sing through it. Ugh! However, the show went really well. I felt like I overcame the song.

After melissa has been taken over with the Swine for the past billion years, she is now able to be in public, and is on her way here as I type this. She even is taping gossip girl to come and watch 8 simple rules, and what I like about you, with me. YAY!

My Halloween was pretty good. I dressed up in the morning to teach my musical theatre class. I didnt really have a costume or anything so I quickly googled "simple, easy halloween costumes" the morning of, and decided to be SUPER NERD! A super hero who's powers are her nerdyness. Well the kids enjoyed it anyways, haha. Later on, in the evening, I went to Joey tomatoes with my family, where my brother proceeded to eat his leftover lunch while waiting for our dinner to arrive. Really? I mean, you just don't do that! At a restaurant, no less! Well those of you who know my brother know he's not one to follow what everyone else is doing. Anyways, we rented a movie called "The Stone of Destiny" starring Charlie Cox! He is beautiful and his accent is amazing. It is based on a true story and its pretty funny. Hmm, maybe I can convince Melissa to watch it tonight.

So Im very excited for the animation open house this weekend. But I have to go after teaching, hopefully I wont miss anything.

I guess I should stop writing now and do stupid homework. barf!


  1. Are you allowed to bring your drawings to the open house? That would be really exciting if you got some critique on it. You're right, it is breaking news that I get to be out of the house and am no longer Swine-tagious (haha, get it?).

    I'm so glad your substitution class went okay. I wish I could have seen it... too bad at that point I was still a danger to society.