Thursday, October 29, 2009

I did these drawings as soon as I arrived home from school today. I had an early day due to dance practicum practice. So I got out at 2:30, yay! I decided to drop by the animation office to find out more information about the portfolio. I was talking to the head lady and she printed out a sheet that had all the information about what they are looking for. There is also an open house for it next month. Very exciting. Anyways, I thought I should go home and practice my characters.
I cant wait for christmas vacation! I know its really early for that, but just think about it. Three weeks of no school, warm fire places, sitting on the couch and reading. It will be amazing. Not to mention no school! Oh did I mention that already? hah.
I will continue to add new drawings daily.. hopefully.


  1. Posting new drawings daily, thats a pretty intense promise, maybe you should just aim for three a week and if you can do more.
    Technology is totally hating me today, my phone and computer are really hating on me right now. Im super not impressed. If I wasn't in quarantine....I would attack blaming this on them.

  2. Yeah the last one!!!!!!!!!! So brilliant! The others were good too, it's just the last one REALLY caught my attention!