Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my old sketchbook journal.

I have realized that I have not put up any of my drawings for quite some time. This is a problem if I want more followers. Therefore, I have decided to put up some of my drawings.
These drawings are from my old sketchbook journal I completed at the beginning of september. Here are a few samples. I am working on my next one, but it bugs me cause its soo small. Buuut, I made it a rule to finish all my sketchbooks before I start another.

So recently I have been very frustrated with school. I had a masterclass that I was not at all happy about. I just dont get excited for anything anymore. Surprisingly the most enjoyable classes are dance at the moment. Today wasnt bad, I left in a good mood and really enjoyed working on the dance practicum.

Melissa- I'm so sorry your sick. I love you so much, and hope you feel better. You can always email me when your bored. I will respond as soon as I can.


  1. Great drawings, for sure! But why did you not include the Mad Hatter? You know that one is incredible! And whats wrong with dance? I wish I could dance! Its just adding to your skill set... I should work on my skill set...

    Im glad your having fun with dance and left school in a relatively good mood today, I am sorry, however that you have to ride with X all week and im not going to be breaking the tedium for you...

    youre such a good friend, you know that right?

    thanks for the comments and the shout out.
    And you know I love you too... so much.

    sorry for the random jumps of thought process...lets chalk it up to me not being top notch

  2. I LOVE the one that has my name on it!!!!!!!!!!
    haha But the last one is SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like I WANT IT so good!