Sunday, September 27, 2009

School again!

I know I have not updated in sooo long. However, I tried to change the look of my blog and I didn't like it. So I just stopped writing. And, I know Melissa and Josh, you both told me to change it back. So I almost did. It is slightly different though.

Umm I am back at school. My last year of the musical theatre program. We are working on a play right now called Ana Karenina. I am a little boy named Seriozha (Ana's son), a dumb pesant haha, and a member of Betsy's possey. It's alot of fun. In fact, we just had a six hour rehearsal today for it. I thought I would be exhausted afterwards, but I am not. I got a bunch of homework done and read some of my Walt Disney Biography book (amazing by the way).

Next year I will hopefully be starting the animation program. That would be amazing. I've finished my sketchbook that I wrote about in my last entry. I've started a new one. I am not drawing in it as quickly because of school and work but it's coming along.

So this summer I went to Edmonton (with Melissa), Jordan's Wedding, and Galiano Island (with Melissa and her mom). The summer was pretty awesome. Seeing Janice (my cousin)! yup.

umm what else to tell? I'm watching The Truman Show on tv right now. I heard about it before but have never seen it. It's crazy how can anyone be that mean? Poor guy!

So this year I am directing disney's Aladdin with the Lindbjerg Academy. I am super super excited. So everyone should come see it in June I think it is.

Anyways, I'm hungry and want to watch the rest of the movie.


  1. Wow, you said my name several times! As Josh would say...Nice Ramona NICE! I really should be doing homework at the moment and instead looked at your blog, you spelt things wrong. You know, I really should start consistently updating my blog.....I'm so opinionated....or am I???

  2. I almost, almost told you what this one was going to say too.... but then I realized, you should read it through this medium, when im not around so you can yourself.
    You mocked me = I hate you now, jerk! Find a new best friend.....and I am so not using this as a distraction to runaway from my impending homework, I am using this to stay update on my best friends life, as school drags a dagger between us!UNIVERSITY IS TRYING TO KILL ME! Also The time has come, to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and king and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings...... all right. I concede.

    Im wasting time.