Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie, so naturally I watched the movie and took pictures from it. I mean who doesnt do that?

Arent they BEEEEAUTIFUL? I think so.

Well I just ate some chicken and pork and stuff. It was good. And Melissa just had to be sooo kind as to offer to help with the dishes! After we had already done them right before dinner. No its okay, I guess I still love her.

Speaking of food. Tomorrow, after going to the gym (and my dentist appt.) we will be going to get some sushi! Yummm.

So earlier I had already finished typing this stupid blog when I saved it and went to look at it, and guess what?!? It had been erased and not saved. So I have to type this alll out again. Of course its alot different cause I dont feel like writing the whole thing again.

Dr. Wendy is dumb! I dont feel like explaining it all over again cause it was in my blog entry that deleted. But she is!

And a special surprise to all my followers (all three of you).. Later on tonight (hopefully) I shall be putting up drawings I did earlier of ariel. Some are of the pictures I just put up in this entry.

Isnt that exciting?


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  1. I have three highly important things to say:

    1: I only do the dishes because your parents are kind enough to let me eat their food - all the time! Your house is like my second home, so its only fair.

    2: I do not appreciate the way you are using me as propaganda for your own blog - that supposed comment I made; that was a vicious lie.

    3: Not only do you use me as a tool for false advertising, you also have the audacity to NOT EVEN POST THE PICTURES.

    But I suppose I love you anyway, have fun at the DENTIST! I am stoked on the gym - even though my back hurts WORSE (Im allowed to complain Mona) not to mention Sushi.