Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

I have been trying to write little silly poem things. I have only done one so far.
(inspired by Alice in Wonderland)

Down, Down, Down she went
Through the hole and out she bent
Opened the door
Onto the Shore
Then into the arms of a dodo was sent

I just finished reading Alice In Wonderland. It was amazing. But I sometimes felt all weird after reading it, haha. Like life should not make sense or something. I love reading the books that disney movies came from. Right now I am on to The Adventures of Pinnochio. Its really good so far. Quite different than the disney version in some ways.


  1. MONA! Love the rhyme!!!!!!!! And the way you set up your blog!!! So Profesh!!!
    Check out this guys blog

  2. hey whats the cats name of Alice??? the one in the pic???