Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Northanger Abbey

Here are some sketches I made last night, in my NEW HARDCOVER LARGE sketchbook. It took me all day to find, going from store to store. However, I did eventually find one at Micheals.

So as you can see that is a picture of Ariel (my favorite disney character) and a random cat I have made up. By the way I am trying to give her a name, if you have any suggestions that would help a great deal.

Description: Royal/upper class, white fur, snobby, graceful, sexy, beautiful.

Anyways moving on. I have had some of my very kind and loving friends point out to me that on my blog I wrote that I might be taking the animation course, and that is wrong, I AM taking the course. hahah. Now you have to finish your book hahha.

So I bought a book today at Black Bond Books (got it free with a couple stamp cards). Its called Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I have never heard of this book by her before, but it looks super good. Anyone read it? Anyways its by Jane Austen how bad can it really be. However, I cant read it right away because I have a list of books waiting to be read. Here is my list that I own and need to read..

The Adventures of Pinnochio (the book I am reading right now)

Son of a witch and Lion among men


Robin Hood (about half done)

Dorian gray (almost finished but got distracted and kept reading others)

All the Mary Poppins books (I technically dont own it but I will)


King Arthur

and ofcourse Northanger Abbey

So as you can see I still need to read quite a few books. However, I may cheat and read my new book after Pinnochio. Well I am planning on reading lots tonight hopefully. As long as I dont get too distracted by this blog (like the random ferret on my page, so fun!).

Soon I will put up some more of my past drawings as I promised Melissa I would do. It just takes soo long to scan them all and crop them, and then put them up on here. Hahha but it will happen cause I want to put up my balto one, and tweedle dee and tweedle dum, oh and dinah, oh and another ariel one. Hahah okay I shall stop now.