Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogging from my phone

This is very exciting. I can now put up blogs on my phone. This means a number of things..

1. I will actually post on a regular basis
2. I have something to do while I'm dying of bordum in class
3. I can put up my drawings frequently by taking pictures of them with my phone
4. I can laugh at Melissa cause her phone blog is not working yet

Ofcourse my writing won't be as witty or entertaining as Melissa's but I have thoughts and pictures.

So over the Christmas break I watched Sherlock Holmes which is amazing! From that movie I realized that Jude Law is amazing. I also started reading the books and they are soo good. I just started the third one yesterday.

While I am at school I feel like the world is ending, but when I'm not at school everything is fine. I can't wait till the year is over, then I can finally start my animation career. I drew this on my phone over the break.

1 comment:

  1. 1-3 are fine. 4 bugged me when you first posted this... then of course I fixed my phoneBlog so its all Sherlock Holmes is bloody amazing, I wish I could be reading the books. I hate that school is interferrung with that. Youre going to finish all the books before I even finish the first one. GROSS.

    Schools almost done. I know youve heard me say that before but the end is so close and I know you can pull through it.

    PS you are witty and entertaining.